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Leonardo Point of View.


I didn't know what to do. I was stuck in the midst of wanting to wash away my sins but didn't know how to.

I was so lost and I suddenly had no one to guide me or at least slap some sense in me. I loved her but I was the person who destroyed her too.

Do I want her back? Yes, if there is any ray of hope but first I want to pay for the things I did to her. I was drunk for many days and didn't care about my business at all. What is the use of earning money when the same money had made me blind with power and made me do sins after sins?

I wanted to tell her how sorry I am and how much of an a**h*le I am but can a simple sorry be enough for my behavior? Can a simple apology be able to cure the wounds I gave her?

"Mr. Bianchi, I got the details of Mr. Abdul Sheik and you will not be impressed with what you are about to read." Rick said bring me out of my self-pity.

"What is it?" I asked with a stern business tone to which he forwarded the brown color file to me.

"It was not the first time for him to export women to their ring in the Middle East. They particularly go for Escort houses to gather fresh women as it would be a better way for them to escape from the law holds if anything should happen. He had traded almost 37 women and few years ago he also tried to get Phoebe out of the contract with Mr. Niccolo Russo so that he can have her traded but I did made sure he doesn't find any way to do so. In a week he is going to take eight women from different escort houses to Middle East and use them as bait in drug dealings." Rick reported the content in the file in short. I was so disgusted at what I heard. How can someone do this intentionally?

"Hmm, Tell Paolo to try and make a trade with him to buy those women and tell him to make sure he has everything recorded. I will be calling chief Commissioner of Police about this arrangement and get the squad to the site. You and I will act as another trading party to make this arrangement more real rather than a trap. You do what you do every time. Since he knows who you are, it would be good if you assist me to this trade and give him the information about my previous trading. It will put him at ease." I ordered Rick to which he nodded and went out of my office to get this done.

Two years ago, when I was so busy getting drunk and beat myself for my mistake, I just want to find something or the other way pay for the sufferings I have caused. That was the time when I suddenly remembered Rick, Lilliput's friend and guardian in escort house.

It took me almost a week to get back my sanity and let all the alcohol out of my system. When I was finally better enough to have a sane conversation, I met Rick. He didn't want to

s in hysteria state. We are trying to inject some sleep medicine to calm her." Nurse informed me and walked inside to inject into the IV that was attached to Phoebe.

Niccolo looked pained but I know he was trying to keep his cool to take care of his wife and children. He's one strong person to swallow the pain and tears for the sake of his family. Phoebe and Niccolo shared the pain and happiness with each other and held themselves for each other in many bad times and how I admired both of them!

How I wish I had a family too. I would've had a very happy family but I destroyed it with my own hands.

I looked at Lilliput crying silently outside the room. I wanted to hug her and console her for the loss but I kept myself from approaching her. I itched to pat her back and whisper her sweet nothings but I know I lost the right long back so I just leaned on the wall near her fisted my hands to keep myself from hugging her.

Feeling my eyes on her, she lifted her head to look at me. I forgot how to breathe when I looked at her eyes directly looking at me. It has been years that she looked directly at me. Immediately as if she recalled something, she looked away and wiped her tears.

I stepped in front of her trying to talk to talk to her. I don't know what to but I just want to hear her voice. She may yell at me, curse me or slap me but I just want her to hear her voice just once.

And when she finally looked at me and opened her mouth to speak to me, I didn't expect those words from her.

"I forgive you." Her words shocked me and mostly left me baffled if what I heard is real or was it an illusion.

"W-what?" I stuttered looking at her with tears forming in my eyes.

"I forgive you." She repeated with a blank face, no emotions playing in her eyes, and walked away freezing me in bewilderment.

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