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Sienna Point of View

Yesterday, what grandma said and how she described a what a woman is, it got deeply imprinted in my heart and mind. Whatever doubt I had on myself vanished into thin air thanks to her story.

Why should I doubt and be ashamed of myself? I'm a woman and there are no such terms in her dictionary.

I just need to believe in myself and do everything that my heart calls out.

"And that kind man said that a woman is an angel and sometimes even above God because a woman is that sacred." I narrated the story of what grandma said to grandma to my class.

The ladies looked happy and gazed me with an appreciative look that clearly explained that the story I narrated to them was helpful.

Yesterday, after hearing the story, I decided to narrate this story to all these wounded ladies and bring back their self confidence. Learning about just commerce and accounts will not help them; they need the confidence and strong heart to live in this biased society. So, what more will help them than this story!

"That's a wonderful tale, Sienna. That lady was the luckiest lady to have a husband like him or else who has such pure thought on woman these days? All think that we are just created to satisfy animalistic needs and nothing more." Pristine said, scrunching her nose in disgust and absolute anger.


Well, except Niccolo. He has been the best husband to Phoebe from all these few years and always treated like a queen. I don't think I know any other man who has such compassion in him to look at a woman like a human being.

"Well, we have another man who is perfect example of pure heart and great manners." Vinny smiled dreamily and I raised a brow in question thinking who it might be.

Definitely must be one of her short films crew member whom she always talks about.



How do they expect me to forgive him?

Is there even a forgiveness involved here? Does he deserve it?

"True. She may not love him back but he at least deserves forgiveness." Vinny stated nodding her head in empathy towards him. They are too absorbed in their talk that they didn't realize that I'm very quiet and crying.

My thoughts went back to the talk between the ladies and suddenly something in me freed. I don't know what it is but I suddenly felt at ease.

If I was in his lover's place, then I would've forgiven him already...

Does he deserve mercy?

Should I release from the sin he is caring?

Most important question, is he worth it?

The constant ringing of my phone broke my thoughts and I picked my phone to see Niccolo's name flashing on it so I picked it up without of a second thought.

"Sienna... " Niccolo's raspy hoarse voice got me worried instantly.

Was he crying?

"Nick, what happened? Why do you sound so concerned?" I asked in a hurry, concern overpowering all my senses.

"Sienna... Phoebe... she went into an early labor and doctors are not sure she will survive." His words slipped the floor beneath my feet.

Oh my God... Phoebe, Please be safe!

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