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Sienna Point of View

I looked at the familiar imposing figure standing before me looking thinner than yesterday with same dull eyes and five 'o clock shave. There was blackish purple shadow below his eyes reminding about the sleepless nights he must've gone through.

I should've felt sorry, should've pitied him but like every day, I felt nothing. I didn't care at all how he is.

I walked past him like always and came out of the little building and crossed the road to go inside my now home. I'm still living in the mansion with Niccolo's grandma who is now my grandma.

It took me seven months to get out of my depression and it was possible all thanks to grandma. Once I'm back to a little life, grandma came to know about my goal to save unwilling prostitutes and get them a dignified living. She immediately suggested me that I should start a small academy where I can give the women the knowledge about few subjects which may help them in living their lives on their own.

I wanted to move out from the mansion and do the job but grandma was adamant enough not to let me go at all saying that I would be relaxed and peaceful since it's countryside here. I didn't argue with her as I also wanted to live with her. She was a sweetheart and a very precious person in my life.

She helped me lease an empty building opposite to our mansion and setup a small academy over there for ladies who are like me and Phoebe.

I thought there is no meaning in my life and everything in me was just dead, but Niccolo and grandma were the people who made me what I am today. They did not rush into curing my broken self, they were slow and patient.

I'm very glad that I met grandma.

"How was your day, nipotina" Grandma asked, handing me a cup of coffee along with a plate of some fried snacks.

I grinned at her and nodded positively before taking a big gulp of hot coffee. She narrowed her eyes at me, "You are not really smiling, bambino. What happened?" She queried knowing me too well. I just shook my head and sighed loudly not wanting to worry her issues relating to him.

"He was following you again. Wasn't he?" She narrowed her eyes with irritation and anger. "Wait here for a minute, I'll just be back giving him a piece of my mind." Grandma stood up furiously.

"No, No grandma. Leave it. I don't want you to go and talk and give him a wrong impression that I care about anything that is related to him because I don't. I don't want you to dwell with such people for me." I scrunched my nose in disgust and pulled grandma to her chair.

"Here, enjoy your coffee with me." I poured a cup for her.

I smiled at how she gave me a wrinkly pout and ordered one of the maids to bring another plate of snacks.

I'm so lucky to have met her but I have this one doubt that isn't

me impure of an animal called man. I am an woman and I am much more than pleasing him and pleasing his parents. I am tears who wash away his sins. I am his fire who burns away his ego. I am his sun who shows a right path to him and I am THE GREAT WOMAN who extends his bloodline and legacy not caring for my health. You know how lucky I felt when I heard this from him, Sienna Bambino! No amount of gold, money or wealth could have made me so proud and happy what his words of respect made me. Till that moment, I didn't know what kind of person my husband was. I was just ordered to take care of him and I did with no questions but from that very moment, I fell for him every second." I was already crying a river listening to her talk about her husband.

"Your husband was a great person, Grandma. He sounds so sweet, mature and respectful." I said hugging her tightly.

Grandma patted my back in a soothing matter, "So, my dear bambino, do not ever question your purity based on your profession. No matter what is the source of fire and how it's ignited, it still burns us. The same way a woman's purity doesn't depend on what her occupation is; it depends on how she stood it. You, my dear should stop dwelling on how you became a prostitute and how painful it was because it only makes you weak. You need to consider how you survived it. Like I said, A woman is a Woman and no greatest of the greatest creature/man can come up to compare a woman. A source of purity is never impure, sweetheart."

Grandma's words were like honey in ears. They were soft, soothing yet true and genuine. I suddenly felt that if it was fate that I need to go through a lot of hassle to meet this old kind woman in front of me, then I don't regret going through such pain again.

She taught me a valuable lesson to me and I make sure to make best out of my life from here on.

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