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Leonardo Point of View

"Her head injury will be fine in three to four days so make a note to give her the medication as prescribed. But the disturbing thing is, she might not be completely conscious. She is in shock and disbelief so even if she's awake she might not be present mentally. I suggest you to get her a counsellor once her head is cured." Doctor said with concerned sigh and cleared his glasses looking worriedly towards Lilliput.

Not present mentally?

No, Please! What have I done?

"You mean – "Phoebe started but not completing the sentence with terrified sob.

"Yes, Mrs. Russo. She seems to be dead from inside. She's emotionally so drained that she might not be able focus any attention towards anyone. This is just a major possibility and I hope I am wrong." The doctor explained clearly and turned towards me and gave a quick nod walking away.

Phoebe sobbed and sat on bed beside Lilliput's sleeping form. Lilliput was sleeping peacefully due to the injection that the doctor has given. Her head was wrapped with cotton and white bandage. The expressive eyes I love so much were now surrounded by dark circles. Her lips were chapped and her face has traces of tears.

Look what you have done to an innocent girl. You have no right to even look at her. My subconscious spat.

I don't know what to feel right now. A lot of emotions are flowing through me right now but all I can feel deeply is blankness. It's like all the feeling, thoughts, emotions left me alone.

I am sad, but sad is not even one percent of what I'm feeling right now. I'm broken from inside but I cannot feel any pain right now. I'm numb.

I cannot understand what I am feeling or if I am feeling anything or not.

"I think we need to let her rest and have a talk somewhere else." Niccolo said in a blank tone. "Phoebe, we will be in the living room. Make sure to clean and change Sienna into fresh clothes and come downstairs." He ordered Phoebe to which she nodded and wiped her tears.

I, Niccolo and Val went downstairs into the living room and sat down on the sofa with a resigned sigh. There was heavy silence for few minutes and no one talked at all but suddenly I remembered...

"Val, You know about this from quite some time, don't you?" Val paled at my query and nodded in short.

She knew about it from long back and still she never informed about it. She would've told me about it, she would've sla

in few things but never did I knew that you were this ignorant. No girl deserves a punishment that you gave to Sienna. Even if her brother was not innocent, how could you punish his sister for something she has no involvement in? You are not just ignorant but you are an animal. No, even animals take care of their own family. You are not even an animal." He spat and threw me on the floor with force.

I know, Niccolo. I know I am not a human anymore but please I just want to talk to Lilliput once. I was about to beg him again to allow me to see Lilliput when Phoebe came running down in hurry.

She looked shocked and in worry. She came down breathing harshly and went to Niccolo, "Did – did you see Sienna coming down?" She asked breathing harshly.


What does she mean?

"What are you talking Chocolate. You were with Sienna in her room right?" Niccolo asked her catching her by her shoulders and supporting her shivering legs.

"Yes, after I changed her into fresh clothes, I went to the laundry room to throw the waste clothes since she was still sleeping. Once I returned to the room, she was not in bed. I checked bathroom and other rooms upstairs but she was nowhere." Phoebe shook and cried in dread. She was shivering from all the trepidation she is feeling.

I stood up from the ground and ran towards her room only to find it empty. All her things are still the room but Lilliput is missing. I felt my heart leap out in fear and anxiety when the realization came to me like an erupting volcano.

She left.

Lilliput left.

Oh my god! Where did she go in such sensitive period?

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