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Leonardo Point of View

What the F*** was he speaking?

Noah Thomas was not guilty? The f***?

The matter was going out of hand and I need to do something before Lilliput come to know about everything. I shouldn't let her know the whole story at any cost.

No, I can't lose her.

After going through a lot I was finally happy to marry the girl I love so much and she turned to be Noah's sister.

What if she knows about... No, No I should not let her know about it any further. Not when Noah was proving to be a loyal person for Bianchi's.

"Are you – sure?" I asked Paolo who was quiet and anxious. He nodded in confirmation and looked away from glaring Val.

"You – killed my brother?" Lilliput caught my collar and shook me rashly. She was crying so hard and I know that the pain that consumed her right now is consuming her control.

How? How did take such a decision of killing someone in such haste?

Oh my god, why didn't I double check it. Why didn't I confront him directly?

Noah was not my PA. He was one my tracker. My grandfather use to handle few underworld stuff to get our empire to this position and we always have personal trackers and investigators with us who would do those underworld dealing and unfortunately Noah was one of them.

Noah was hard working and was a very smart person. He was always loyal to us and I was so blinded by the rage that I didn't even double check the facts.

What am I going to answer Lilliput now?

I was quiet and lowered my head in shame. I want to tell her something – anything that would sooth her ache and agony but I found no word to talk. I couldn't lift up my head and look into her eyes.

I'm so disgraced by my own actions.

"Father ordered Noah to investigate about our mom. He got smoke of mom cheating on him so he ordered Noah to keep this investigation a secret until they find proofs." Val explained with teary eyes and looked at Lilliput with painful eyes.

Wait... a minute.

She knew about all this?

Val knew?

She f***ing knew about everything and didn't think to tell me at all?

"Why did you kill my brother? You should've checked before ordering your people to kill someone. Oh no, killing itself is the worst punishment for any mistake then why did you do it? WHY DI

ghing out loud.

I laugh howled around the air with an eerie sound of agony in them. Phoebe covered her face with her hands and broke down in to crying seeing Lilliput's condition and Niccolo did not try to console his wife probably knowing that nothing can console her right now.. Val was also crying hard and knelt down beside Lilliput but did not dare to touch her.

I stood still, head held low; shame, guilt, pain and... love overtaking my emotions. I just couldn't come up with anything to console Lilliput. Her laughs were like slaps on my face conveying the depth of throbbing misery she is going through right now.

No one dared to talk to her or console her. There's no person who can do that. What she found out just now killed the little life and hope that had in her.

Slowly her laugh morphed into loud cries and mourning.

"WHY!!!!! WHY GOD! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME? BLOODY WHY?" She screamed and cried, banging her head to a nearby table.

"Lilliput... please. S-sienna." I and others tried to stop her but as if possessed, she kept on banging her head to the table and thick red liquid started to drip down from her head.

I was completely horrified and my body paralyzed looking at her blood.

"Sienna, Sienna please stop it dear." Phoebe tried to pull her back but no use. Lilliput kept banging her head and kept on repeating 'Why'

No, I can't let her kill herself. I can't.

ARGH!! What have I done?

What have I done!

I slapped myself several times and fell on my knees.

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