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Sienna Point of View

Life is such an unpredictable play, one cannot expect the next move which might sail you or drown you. You just have to wait for that moment to find out.

When I thought 'this is it, there are no more waves coming to crash me, ' the silence only gives me the taste of a storm.

"Sienna, what are you doing here? You need to get your touchup before going to the aisle." Val ran towards me with a mobile phone in one hand and a pair golden high heels in another.

The talking between both the men stopped abruptly and suddenly turned towards me with a alarmed face. Val came towards me smiling and turned towards both the men and gasped in horror. Her face turned pale and eyes twitched from me to the men in urgency.

"Sienna, what are you doing – " Mr. Giant started coming towards me and Val tried to pull me from there but I am not going to let this go.

What is that, that I don't know and this heartless person, Paolo knows?

What is it that Val is in such despair?

Why is Mr. Giant looking at me with such fear in his eyes?

What is happening here?

Why can't Mr. Giant marry me?

"Why?" I whispered, walking slowly towards Paolo. I didn't want to meet this monster. I don't even want to see him ever because he was the cause for my present condition.

Paolo was the main reason of my misery and he is the most cruel person I ever came across.

"Why can't he marry me? Because I'm an escort?" I questioned Paolo with shaking tone. Even a small thought of him will get me scared.

"Sienna, let's go" Val took my hand and tried to drag me out from there but I didn't move, adamant enough to know what exactly was going on.

"Sienna – " Mr. Giant came towards me with scared look "He – He's just kidding, Lilliput. He doesn't mean it." He said softly squeezing my hand and signing Val to take me out from there.

"No Val, I want to know how you both know this person?" I demanded, getting desperate to know the answer.

Mr. Giant is an arrogant jerk, I agree but how come he is in acquaintance with such a cruel person.

"Sienna, he is just no one. Why d


He was ordered to be shot?

So, Paolo was ordered to kill my brother?

Tears gushed from my eyes at what I am reading right now. My brother... my brother was backstabbing the company he was working for?

"He can't betray – No he can't. I know him and he will never cheat on people. He was known for his loyalty. No, he can't." I said to myself, picking up another paper with my shaky hands and stood up facing Mr. Giant.

"You... ordered Paolo to kill my brother? How could you! How could you be so evil to kill a person. My brother, Noah... he was the most loyal person I ever knew and he could never ever backstab people."

"He Didn't" For the first time I heard Paolo interfering.

"WHAT?" Mr. Giant yelled in disbelief looking confused at Paolo.

"What do you mean he didn't?" Mr. Giant yelled for which Val was biting her lower lip preventing herself from letting her sobs out.

"I'm positive, Mr. Bianchi. Noah Thomas never betrayed us six years ago. We m-misunderstood him. He was secretive because he was investigating something important for your father." Paolo's statement shook the ground below my feet and I fell on my knees howling out loud in pain.

"NOAH!!!" I screamed out in pain and cried loudly, punching the ground with my fist in anger and despair.

Noah was shot to death without any justification!




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