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Leonardo Point of View

"Dude, just control yourself. Why are you so nervous when you are marrying your love in just half an hour?" Valdemar chuckled patting my back.

Darn it... why is he my best man seriously?!

I should've asked Paris to act as my best man; at least he would be quite about his thoughts.

"Shut up, Voldermort. I'm not nervous I'm just... you know –" I dragged the words expecting understanding from him.

"Yeah yeah, we know. You mean jitters?" he guffawed followed by my other two friends William and Niccolo.

"It is natural to be nervous, Leo. Just calm yourself." Niccolo said smiling and giving me a knowing look.

Argh! I hope this wedding completes quickly so that I can have alone time with my Lilliput. I'm so waiting to have her all for myself.

"Master. Master Bianchi." We heard Paris knowing on my door. When I shouted a 'come in', he entered the room with a blank expression looking around the room towards me and my friends.

"What is it, Paris." I asked curiously wanting to know what made him so grim.

"Sir, Paolo is here to meet you and he said its important." Paolo? Here? Why?

What is he doing here now? He wouldn't be requesting for my attention if it is not an important issue. What happened that he is came to meet me directly to the mansion?

Suddenly, a kind of negative vibes washed over me and I staggered back a little praying everything to be alright.

"Tell him I would meet him after the wedding is done." I said briefly but Paris shook his head telling me that Paolo asked for me right away.

Thinking for a moment, I nodded and asked Paris to inform him to meet me at the backside of the stage in the garden.

Nodding at my friends, I asked them to come directly to the wedding stage and I walked towards the backside of it.

What might be so important that he need to speak to me right away?

Paolo is my right hand and does all the under-the table secretive work for me. He was always precise and nailed every job I gave and he was best at it. There was never a time that he disappointed me with his failure.

And that is the reason I'm so concerned about. He is a kind of person who knocks on my door only when there is something big happening.

But the question is what it might be.

"Mr. Bianchi." His rugged featured appeared before me with concern filled eyes. I nodded at him and looked skeptically at hi

and dangerous. But where did I see him?

How does he have my old photograph?

I was going through all the memory line and was getting desperate to remember him.

Where? Where did you see him Sienna?



Hold on a second...!

My eyes suddenly bulged wide in fear and my hands shivered at the memory. My shivering hands went towards my mouth trying to cover the sob that I was trying to keep it inside.

Isn't he... Isn't this man 'him'?

What is he- doing here?

Oh my god! Why is this animal here?

I immediately wiped my tears flowing on my cheeks and walked towards the garden to see what he is doing here.

I walked carefully not wanting to show myself to him. My whole body was shivering in fear and tears are flowing nonstop.

After searching for a couple of minutes, I heard two voices coming from backside of the decorated stage so I walked slowly towards it.

I stood at the back of a large pillar and peeked to know what he is doing here. I can see his back and looks like he is talking to someone. I moved a little forward to see whom he is talking to.

"You cannot marry Ms. Miller, sir." He said suddenly and what shook my world was he was talking to Mr. Giant.

Why is this vile creature talking to Mr, Giant?

And why is he calling him sir?

"Are f**king nuts? What are you talking about?" Mr. Giant yelled in rage

"Sir... because – Because she is Noah Thomas's sister."

And his words brought a new wave of anxiety.

How is Mr. Giant related to this, to me and to my brother?

Omg! Please don't let my thoughts come true please.

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