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Sienna Point of View

When I was a kid my mother always used to say me that 'when fates are united and playing you, you, as a puppet, will not have any strength to defy them.'

Now that I recollect the phrase I'm surprised how correct momma was. I've been trying to defy my ill destiny from years and one way or the other; fates did find a way to put me back in the misery. I know what momma said was correct but still I believed and still believe that if you try for something with your whole heart and put all your effort in it, you can melt even fates hearts.

I know it is impossible for me pay the other hundred and forty million by tomorrow 8:00 AM; but heart always wins mind in these things. Mind says I need to just go with the flow and give up but heart says to try until you can so that I would not regret later.

How irony... Heart and mind are both parts of my own system and work how I want them to, yet they differ in beliefs.

I'm trying every little to hard way possible to win myself back by any possible means. It is killing me from inside for preparing myself for this wedding. It is not like I would never ever show my face to Mr. Giant again once I leave him; then why is he so bent on tying me to him. Why can't he understand that I just need time for myself and once I find myself then I would be able to discover the weird feeling I have for him?

"Sienna, what are thinking so deeply? Look, your wedding dress need to be a little more shaped." Phoebe shook me from my thoughts, bringing me towards the wall mirror.

I looked at myself in a white mermaid type wedding dress sequined with small silver flowers and half moon shaped objects on the border. The sleeves are gold laced flowers with a see through material and there are large gold flower designs covering the top of the dress till the down of the chest.

"Did you see how you are looking at yourself? You fell in love with how you look." Phoebe laughed and turned to the designer lady that came to the mansion to do all the work from mansion itself. "The s


Cory, one of maids entered the room and bowed to us. "Ms. Bianchi." She called for Val's attention and she got it immediately.

"Your work has be done." Cory said shortly and Val frowned and nodded her head curtly asking her to leave.

Cory turned to go but stopped and turned back looking at Val with confusion "But ma'am, why did you want me to burn Master Leonardo's boxer from your room?" Cory asked confusion clear in her tone.

She what?

Mr. Giant's boxer in her room?

She asked Cory to burn it?


Phoebe looked like she was thinking about the same thing too.

"I wasn't Leo's" Val gritted and glared at the maid. Cary cowered back in fright and immediately stumbled out of the room in hurry.

Wait a second...

Val asked Cory to burn a certain boxer. Cory thought it was Mr. Giant's since there's only one man in this household that's him. But Val said it wasn't her brother's and I know what she said was true looking at her embarrassed face.

The question is, if it wasn't Mr. Giant's, then whose was it?

Phoebe and I narrowed our eyes towards Val with a raised eyebrow to which Val just shrugged lightly and returned back to her work without uttering a single word.

What is going on here?

Who was that person that left his boxer in Val's room and why does she look embarrassed?

Who exactly was in her room?

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