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Sienna Point of View

Does he really love me or was it an obsession?

It must be a blinded obsession or else why would he prefer watching me cry for my whole life rather than letting me go?

It is an obsession definitely!

Everything I said on our dinner date made no sense to him. He just had ears open and heart closed and my heart went numb from all the pain I was experiencing.

His confession made my heart skip a beat and for one second I had a thought of staying with him forever but then again, how will I be staying with him? What will I do staying with him? Unless I sought out the mess of my life, staying with him will never bring love in my heart.

"What are you thinking so deeply?" Phoebe asked narrowing her eyes in concern.

Mr. Giant invited Niccolo and Phoebe to our wedding and I was shocked to know that... that Niccolo and Phoebe are married?

How did that happen?

I was so curious to hear how Niccolo found her and how the heck they got married. It was still a puzzle to me.

"About my messed up life." I sighed and looked towards her with yet again curiosity filling my mind. "I want to know the journey of you getting married to Niccolo. How did he find you." She heaved and shook her head as if she doesn't want to tell that secret to anyone.

"Not now, Sienna. Not now. I will tell you everything when we are alone, probably after your wedding." She said her eyes turned towards dancing Val.

It was my bachelorette party in Bianchi mansion with loud music, years old wine and alcohol, fresh flowers, booming loud music and dizzying spot lights and two friends to enjoy with. Val and Phoebe.

Val said about some entertainment and said that she will bring some male stripper's for fun. But Mr. Bianchi caught them while entering the mansion and he warned them that he will shoot them with his German double barrel gun.

He even whispered in my ear huskily that if anyone is striping for me, it would be him. He even bit my ear playfully while saying so.

I huffed at this multi personality person.

By day after tomorrow I will be Mrs. Leonardo Bianchi if I didn't pay him the remaining 140 million dollars.

Just two night, how will I pay him off?

"Phoebe, can I... Can I ask you a favor?" I stuttered, feeling jittery for asking such a huge favor from a sister like person.

"Um... yes tell me what is it."

"I... can you lend me a few dollars in cash?" I asked carefully not revealing the exact amount from the start itself.


"Val, I think you need to rest. Come let's get you to your room." My small figure tried to lift her tall drunken one and failed utterly.

Phoebe held the other hand of Val and helped me but the whining and wailing Val is far too heavy for two people to manage.

Oh dear!

"You need to m-marry my Leo as soon as possible." Val whispered suddenly making me stop in my attempts of dragging her. Her eyes were droopy and she was trying to keep herself from falling sleep.

What... did she mean by that?

"Huh? W-what do you mean, Val" I asked sitting beside her and shaking her to stay awake.

"Hmm?" She asked in a drowsy state.

"What do you mean I should marry you brother as soon as possible? Why is that?" I asked feeling terrible vibes in the pit of my stomach.

Never had Val said something like this ever. What she said just now brought a terror inside me. Why should I marry her brother soon?

"He s-should marry y-y-you quickly before- " She paused saying what she was about to and curled up in the couch.

No No... what was she about to say?

"Before? Before what Val" I shook her violently and Phoebe helped me shake her awake.

"Val, open you eyes and say before what? What were you about to tell?" I was so stunned suddenly that the flow of conversation suddenly brought a negative feeling to me.

"Huh? Huh... before... you... before..."

"Yes, tell me. Before what?

"Before – you know about it." She gasped softly and fell into a slumber.


Before I know about it?

What is it?

Is it anyway relating to me?

Why was she so worried about me knowing about something?

What exactly is going on?

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