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Leonardo Point of View

Flowers – set

Wine – set

Food – set

Ring – set

Letter – set

Music – set

Me – set

Great, all the arrangements are done perfectly and I'm all set and ready to welcome my Lilliput for this romantic dinner date.

I had one of my restaurants close today and make a classic arrangement for mine and Lilliput's dinner date. It took me whole day to instruct all the employees to make this dinner a perfect.

It's already been 6:30 PM and Lilliput is nowhere to be seen. I instructed the valet to park and her car and escort her inside when she arrives but she's not here yet.

Will she come?

I was suddenly scared and doubtful about this. After seeing her breakdown yesterday, I wonder if she's trying to avoid me and the date.

I wanted to pick her up and bring her here but she just rejected my offer and said curtly that she'll be here herself. It squeezed my heart painfully when she was behaving like I don't matter to her at all, like I'm nothing but a stranger to her and it hurt my heart and my pride a lot.

Eventually, the clock stuck 7 yet there was no clue of her. I was getting impatient and nervous thinking if she would come or not.

I was getting feeling edgy and called the driver that will drive Sienna here. He picked up his calls after six rings and informed me that they are here outside. Releasing a breath in relief, I tightened my loose tie and buttoned my suit jacket.

Walking towards the entrance, my breath caught in the lungs and I choked suddenly looking at the most beautiful lady I ever saw. Lilliput got down from the car in a bright violet gown with golden flower intricates on it. She looked breathtaking in the dress that I forgot to take a breath for a long minute.


I immediately scurried to her and offered my hand to her to take and surprisingly she took it. We walked inside the restaurant and from the corner or my eyes I observed her looking at all the decoration and arrangements in awe.

That's what you get when Leonardo Bianchi loves you, my Lilliput!

Once we reached the only table in the large hall, I handed her the bouquet of fresh flowers. Lilliput just took it with a small thank you but I didn't miss the look of nervousness on her beautiful face.


Moving the chair back, I offered her to take a seat and I took my own, opposite to her. She was loo

sole her to comfort her.

"P-Please get up." She hiccupped and lifted my head from her lap.

"Please don't tell me things that can never happen, Leonardo. Please understand how important a breath of fresh air is to me. Please don't stop me from living. I – I understand you like me, love me but I cannot love you back unless or until I love myself and the only feeling I have for myself is pity. Please let me go at least till I get rid of all the heaviness from my heart." Lilliput cried, cupping my face and pecking on my forehead.

No please... don't Lilliput. Please

She reluctantly left my face and opened her clutch and brought out a rectangular looking card.

"This is a lottery card I bought few days ago and I won 60 million on this. The money will be processed in two days." She said with a shaky voice. Standing from the chair weakly, she cupped my face yet again and this time she kissed my lips for few seconds and hugged me tightly before leaving me standing there in the middle of an empty decorated restaurant with nothing but a lottery card, heart full of hurt and tears at the back of eyes.

I can't let you go Lilliput. You think I am not capable of freeing you and I think you are correct at some point. I may not be able to clean away all the pain from your heart but trust me, my love can.

I'm sorry I'm yet doing another thing to hurt you by marring you against your will but thins hurt is necessary.

I'm sorry I'm going to still marry you but it is for giving you everything you could never been able to experience.

I'm sorry that I love you.

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