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Sienna Point of View

I need to pay him off as soon as possible. I need to try harder to get away from here without a ring on my finger. Once I get a ring on my finger, then I will never be able to get out from Bianchi's cage.

Dang it!

How am I to do this in just three days? Last night, I got too emotional in his study room and expressed my pain and agony to him hoping for an empathy but even after hearing my cries and seeing my defeated and desperate form, he did not utter a single word of comfort nor did he try to understand me. He just walked away telling me to get ready for a fudging dinner date tonight.

Why my life is keep taking turns where I cannot go?

Is he that desperate to marry me?

Or, is he trying to prove something to me and himself?

Is he trying to prove the world that he can do anything he want and get anything he needs?

He must be feeling happy to show the world how great he is to turn a useless pebble into a gold ornament with his almighty name.

"Ehem, Ehem... What is the bride doing this early morning in the kitchen? You must be getting ready to go to spa and get a much needed skin pampering done." Val smiled mischievously at me while bouncing Cutie on her hip.

Cutie looked grumpy and pouting at the milk bottle that his mother is trying to put in his mouth.

"Why are you up so early, Val. Where is his nanny?" I asked ignoring what she said just now.

Val released a deep sigh and placed Cutie in the high chair. "I fired her" She scowled and bent further to put the milk bottle in Cutie's mouth saying he cannot have solid food this early morning at 5 AM.

She fired her?

I suddenly got interested in the conversation and sat on the chair beside Cutie and looked at Val expectedly to continue what she was telling.

"You know Bianchi's are food Zombies. We eat a lot. That senseless woman was giving a stinky eye whenever my baby is eating. So after warning her few times she didn't get it through her head and I fired her giving her the worst of the worst employee review. She was casting an evil eye on my baby's eating habits let's see how she'll ever eat something without any job knocking her door." Val said gritting her teeth and scowling and growling like a wild female cheetah.

What is wrong with all these Bianchi's seriously? I thought Val is a bit sweet natured and humble woman but of course she's a Bianchi too.

"So Cutie doesn't have a nanny?" I asked excitedly to which she nodded her head.

"And you must be feeling stuffed up right now with all the upcoming wedding chores and handling Cutie." I asked slowly and Val raised her

sudden luck that has stuck to me.

The host pulled out the third ball from the bowl and grinned widely showing all his dentures.

"The third number after 9 and 2 is... a 9 again" Oh dear... a 9 again?

Two cards from the total three cards are discarded and I have only one card in my hand. How can I win with just one card?

I clutched the single card which in my hand, tightly and lent my full concentration on the numbers.

After what felt like a century but was only fifteen minutes, there's only one number to be announced and all the other four numbers matched with my card for which I smiling widely like a model for a toothpaste ad.

9295562... There's just one more number to see if I win or not.

"The last number, my dear lotteriers, is... a 9"

No no this is not happening. How can lose it with one final number.

"Oh Cutie, how can angels be so cruel. Please do something Cutie. In all the ten cards I bought, this is the only card I bought with your name and all the nine cards are by my name. Well my luck already inside the garbage can from birth but you are a crown prince. A king by birth. Please show you luck." I ranted to the playing Cutie and he looked at me innocently blinking his eyes.

"Oops, sorry, it was not a 9 but a 6. Sorry, did not see the line down the number." The host suddenly announced and laughing awkwardly and I stood shocked right there where I am.

A 6?

A 6?

It was a 6?

I looked at my card and saw that the last number was a 6.

I looked at cutie shocked and surprised and a wide grin formed automatically on my face.

My little lucky Cutie brought a card of luck for me.

Oh my angels... I won the lottery?

Did I win 60 million dollars from the lottery?

Oh My God!

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