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Leonardo Point of View

"Buddy, I need to meet you right now. Get to our usual hangout." I called one of my best friends and drove myself to our usual hangout place with a concerned heart and disturbed feelings.

Such a complex condition I am in. On one hand, I feel ashamed of myself for not caring for her but on the other hand, I feel confident that I can give whatever she's looking for even after marrying her.

Can I give her the things she's yearning for even after intervening our destinies together?

"Ouch. The hell is wrong with you man." I yelled in pain when a strong fist collided with my jaw.

Damn, it hurt.

It took me a couple of minutes to fix my jaw in place and glared at my dear friend with a murderous look.

He was seething with anger and took a fighting stance. I just rolled my eyes and went to the couch and poured myself a large glass of scotch.

"The hell is wrong with you, Arse. You effing separated my jaw from my face." I scowled.

This man has an extra efficient iron fist, I say.

"Oh, you deserve a painful death for what you did to me." He huffed and snatched the scotch glass from my hand.

What is his problem now? Such a drama king he is.

"What did I do? I have my own shits going on and here I'm being abused by my own friend without any reason." I poured myself another glass of scotch desperate for the feel of bitterness burning through my throat.

"Why the f**k didn't you tell me I have a son, you bastard." Arsenio, my ex- brother-in-law gritted and moved forward to punch me again but this time I defended myself with good reflexes.

"Well... I thought it would be fun when you know later at the time you court my sister again. Darn it. You found out already." I said casually, feeling proud of myself to instill this kind of reaction from the King, himself.

"You chose to hide my heir and future king of my kingdom for fun? You seriously need doctor's assistance, my dear friend." He spat out, uttering the words 'dear friend' with sarcasm.

If he is not the king in real, then I would say he is rightly qualified to be the king of sarcasm. He lives the title.

Arsenio gulped down the half of the drink from his glass in one go and leaned back to his seat, composing himself.

"What the fudge happened to you suddenly that you called me here? Please don't tell me what your sister is doing again to get over me. I'm tired of her useless attempts." He said casually like he doesn't care at all. But hell I know how much he loves my sister a lot.

If anything or anyone can make him exuberant with just one look, then it would be Val.

"Not really. She's busy teaching your son not to be an a** like you. But this time, I'm here with my own problem. I don't stuck in a very difficult situation and I choose anything, I'll lose." Arse raised an eyebrow, intrigued at what I am saying.

"And what is that?" He queried bringing a bottle of whisky and pouring it for both of us.

"I – I – Which option is better. Leaving your loved one for her own happiness or keeping her with you for your own happiness?" I asked him, totally investing myself in this discussion.

"Depends on the lady love and the situations. Why? Did your little Lilliput reject you for marriage?" I sighed with the headache seeping inside.

"Something like that. She said she cannot feel anything for me unless she feels something for herself and somehow I did understand her agony and despair." And so, I explained him everything

sion from you that you felt guilty for everything."

Never untie the bounds linked to me but untie the chains that restrained her insecurities, ..!

Everything Arse said was right on point. Now that I think about everything that happened, I was always so self-centered only thinking about what is beneficial to me but never thought what Lilliput's thoughts are, how she is feeling.

I never placed myself in her shoes and assumed how it would be if I were in her place. She never got what I and Val got.

My mother was a b**ch but we still had my father and grandparents guiding and loving us. Lilliput did not experience that. It is normal that she has many anxieties overpowering her.

When I should be caring and treasuring her, I was always having my wicked way with her in the name of love. I never seriously thought of asking her for forgiveness for being a monster to her.

When I was never a person that can be a cure for her wounds and instead gave her many wounds myself, how can I expect her to stay by me and love me?

I never gave her a reason to love me. I was never there for her when she was all alone. I never behaved like a man who loves her.

I was never her home that she could happily return to.

And when I was questioning myself all these, I felt a huge emptiness fill in my heart.

"I never acted like a human being with her, Arse." I spoke out lowly still looking at him to which he just gave me a proud grin.


Let your time come when you will be groveling for my sister. Then I will be the one smirking and you will be the one crying. Stupid Rascal!

"Then be now. Whatever you must be to her and never was before, take the chance and be now. Show her that marrying you will only benefit her. Show her that marrying you will be her most memorable joy. Show her what you really are and what you really felt for her." His words filled in determination inside me.

Arse was right. I need to make her realize what I am.

I need to show her that I can be her safe home where she can sleep without a worry for tomorrow.

And I think it's time for some confessions. But before that, I need to instigate Val a little against this rascal. He's having so much fun right now. When his time for begging comes, how can I forgo the chance of make him helpless and grieved!

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