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Leonardo Point of View

That's right!

I really hope everything goes as planned. I need to marry Lilliput as soon as possible before she pays off for her so called freedom.

The speed she's going with, she might as well pay off the two hundred million and I need to stop that at any cost to make sure that she's tied to me forever and what best way other than marriage can hit two birds with one stone.

Now that the preparation for the happy wedding is going on in full swing, I need to finally get my balls out and profess my love for her before wedding.


Just proposing is left out and I'll do that in a couple of days.

'What about the apology?' My conscience retorted suddenly making an entry after so many months.


'Well, sh*tter, you need to apologize to her for many things. Should I list out for you? One, for making her life hell when she became your PA. Two for taking the engagement decision yourself without consulting. Three, for buying her and torturing her verbally. Four, for being paranoid and not listening to her full story and judging her for her profession which is nothing but a tag. Five, for taking her precious thing forcefully and painfully and you damned shitter didn't even apologize later. Six, for making her insecure and feel worthless. Seven, for being an a** and declaring the wedding without consulting. Eight, making it hard to have her own way and for leaving her no choice on her own life. Nine, for forcing her into many things which she's not interested into. You did a lot of stuff which needs to be well apologized.' My conscience yet again retorted with a blow.

But what my conscience just pointed out was true. Not only did I took her life decisions into my hands, I also violated her in my blinded rage. It's true that I need to apologize her for everything before wedding itself to make things clear and back to normal.

Hmm... So, how does one apologize?

"I think you have finally lost it Mr. Bianchi." I heard an exasperated sweet voice of Lilliput.

She entered into my study room with a force and closed the door with a bang.

Ouch... my ears!

"It's Leo for you Lilliput. We are getting married in four days and you need to send the honorifics to a vacation. Fr

y guts. I felt like I need to punch the person who was so heartless to take her to such dangerous place. I felt the animalistic primal urge to tear that person limb to limb and kill him thousand times.

"Shh... Lilliput. Ssh. I understand – "

"No you don't. You can't. You will never understand it not even a percent of what I am feeling right now. If you really feel for me, then release me. Let me go. If you've really felt my agony, then untie me from these invisible bounds." Her words stumped me.

Leave her?

Can I?

Other than feeling apologetic for her, I also love her. Can I give her what she's asking for?

Will she return to me back once she finds her own path?

Will she ever think of returning to me?

I was in a state of quandary not knowing what to say. I want to release her but not having her in my life anymore killed me.

I want to keep her but the very notion of her hating me day after day pierced me. Being a Businessman, I took many tough decisions in my life but in this particular case I couldn't decide at all. It feels like I will be the one losing something in either case.

I let her go, then I'll lose her.

I marry her, then I still lose her.

In either cases I lose her and I'm so petrified by the current situation. What lose I prefer now?

Not able to think or decide anything, I just hugged her body close to me "Be ready by 6 in the evening tomorrow. We are going for dinner." I whispered softly, and left from there being utterly disturbed.

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