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Sienna Point of view

"Baby." I heard his horrifically sweet tone coming from my back. My feet refused to move and my body too.

Mr. Giant encircled his arms around me from behind and traced his nose along my neck. Pulling me impossibly close to his hard iron chest, he started peppering wet kisses on my shoulder.

"I missed you, my Lilliput" He rasped out so sensually that it made me go weak.

He was being too touchy and feely from the day I paid him ten million. I don't know what happened to him or what happened to him but he is hardly letting me be without touching me.

He was kissing, sucking and making out with me every given opportunity and surprisingly, I liked it.

His hot kisses were like sparking fire inside my system. I think it's because being so touchy with him from few days but this new Giant is a harm to my heart.

I agree it was not new to me. After our first night in the punishment room, he was a little touchy with me. He use to drag me into the dark and peck me and all. But after the ten million incident, He had become too sensual with me. He keeps making innuendoes about eating me and crushing me under him.

I was excited by his implications.

I don't want to but my body and heart are playing cahoots against me. This new change of romantic Giant makes my heart skip beat again and again and makes me feel weirdly attracted to him.

I would be telling utter lies if I say I do not like Romantic touchy-feely Giant. It was the first time that someone gave me their complete attention and preference and Mr. Giant being all kissy-huggy is making my resolve of freedom week.

"W-why are you – acting so different?" I stuttered when his hands were reaching my hangers.

Oh! Please no. Not... urgh!

"I want to inform you something." He said while turning me in his arms and kissing my frowning eyebrows.

Slowly descending to my level, he placed his lips mine, not moving them for few seconds. I don't know why I did that but I sighed audibly because I frustrated or I was not satisfied about something, I don't know. But seems like he knows the answer because she started moving his lips slowly and gradually picked up the speed biting every inch of my lips. Hands are another thing, they are rubbing and squeezing all over me wherever they could.

"You are fired!" He said pausing his assault for a second and continued his previous work once again.

You are fired!


From what?





If not my sanity returned from its vacation, I would've been still enjoying his expertise.

I struggled and got out of his arms with a great difficulty and slapped my face solftly to get control over my heart and betraying body and poked inside my ear to see if I really heard right.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked at looking at Mr. Devil Giant. He went around his table and sat in his chair like a royal and looked at me as if he was announcing something festive to me.

He ran a hand through his hair and through his clothes to eliminate the rumples created by my fists.

"I said, you are fired." He repe

having one of your wild parties?"

"No. But thinks get wild after this."

"Are you drug dealing with a mask of a Party?"


"Then what is it?"

"You'll find out." He said walking away but I stopped him desperate to know what's going on.

"Does this anyway involve me?"


"Are you selling me away?"

"God No! It's actually opposite"

"Huh? What do you mean opposite?" I thought for awhile and gasped loudly with wide eyes and mouth open ajar.

"You are selling off yourself?"

"You foolish girl! No. We are getting married in four days." His declaration had me.



To him?

In four days?

"What the... No. You cannot do that. NO You cannot. You cannot marry me. I will not marry you." I spurred with urgency and paced here and there slapping myself to get my senses back.

"No I will not marry. I will not. I will not. I will NOT" I shouted at him and paced again.

"And you think you have any choice? How innocent!" He said casually and threw a crooked smile at me.

"I do."

"Perfect, Just say these same words in four days." He grinned like he won a world cup.

"Mr. Bianchi... I cannot marry you." I pleaded and he being a devil didn't care at all.

"You are still mine, Lilliput. Remember, I bought you. So I have full right on you until you pay your debt."

"And you've sworn not to let it happen. Haven't you?" I asked tears forming in my eyes. No. I will not let them fall. I am not weak. I will not cry.

I will not cry at all.

"Yes. Now stop your trials of paying me and go get your hair and nails done." He announced and climbed the stairs taking the list of guests, Paris provided.

Oh angels! What do I do now?

How do I get out from this now?

Oh my God!

I will, no way, marry him. That's for sure.

But how do I get out of this?

'By paying his debt off' a voice spoke in my head.

How can I pay such huge amount in four freaking days?

Should I loot a bank?

Damn, I will not do anything illegal. But there's no legal way too.


Darn that Giant. I will crush you.

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