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Leonardo Point Of View

"You can place these bags on the glass shelves. Go with the colour pattern and style" I ordered both the maids and saw Lilliput frozen at the door step seeing all the arrangements being done for her.

Well, what did she think? That I would let her earn the money and get away from me?

No f**king way!

Though three million dollars is like a drop of water in the large ocean, I cannot take chances.

Here I'm trying and planning to apologize to her mend our relationship in any way possible and there she's trying to get away from me.

I will not let this happen at all!

"What is happening here? Whose... whose things are all these?" Lilliput asked baffled at the view before her.

"Why, yours of course." I grinned widely and motioned maids to continue with their work.

"You can't" she said gaping wide at me to which I just smirked.

"Of course I can" I answered her back with ease, leaning against the nearest wall.

"But they are mine. I can do whatever I want to." Tears almost on the verge of falling out of eyes. I just ignored her tears though I felt like a biggest horse a**. Right now breaking her confidence that she can ever leave me is more important than to console her.

I can't afford to lose her. Once I was an a** to treat her like a sh*t but not now. I will make sure she doesn't leave me in this lifetime.

"Everything in this mansion, including me, is yours Lilliput. You have every right on everything in this house... except what I buy for you." I took hold of the loose tendrils of her hair and twirled them around my fingers.

Tracing a finger on her jaw, I looked into depth of her eyes with are filled with frustration and desperation.

I felt so bad for seeing such look in her eyes but I need to be a cold hearted person for now.

I pulled the little bag from her hands and smirked cockily saying "I'll subtract this from your debt but your debt just increased a million more, For your information for buying you trendy wardrobe full." I said and masked the urge to chuckle at her state.

"How do expect me pay for those you bought or buy for me then?" she asked to which I just smirked at her wide and pecked her forehead, leaving her there with a smile playing on my lips and confusion playing on her face.

That's for you to find out on your own, my Lilliput!

Leo – 1, Lilliput - 0


Uh, it feels so great showering after a long stressful day. Whistling and scrubbing my body, I hummed my favorite song. Warm water running through my body feels so damn good and fresh.

After a long shower of twenty minutes, I came out of my room wiping my body and going straight to my closet to wear something comfortable.

It's been almost three days that Lilliput has stopped talking to me and started avoiding me. She's always locked in her room mostly planning god knows what. She use to ask the maids to bring her snacks and meals to her room and few times, Valentine use to eat with her in her room too.

I miss my L

ing them. You want you clothes, then pay me and take them. If you don't then please leave I have a business to take care off." Lilliput smiled in satisfaction, I growled in irritation, Val laughed in exuberation, and cheesecake clapped in imagination.

Except me all are happy at what they are doing.

I took a deep breath controlling my anger and rubbed my face with my hand to get my thoughts straight.

"Fine." I said curtly, taking a deep breath and pursed my lips from cursing.

"Alright, So Mrs. Haynes, it would be sixty two thousand dollars in total." she billed the amount from the billing machine.

"What I meant was, Fine I will buy them." I almost tried not to yell but it did slip from my mouth. I groaned at the increasing headache asked her for the amount to be paid to buy my own things to which she smiled widely and typed something in her laptop for few minutes.

"It would be... umm... Ten Million in total." She said putting her palm out for cash, credit or cheque.

"Ten Million? Why?"

"Because I said so. You want to buy them then pay Ten Million or you can gladly get out and I'll do my business." Lilliput placed her deal so wisely that I had the urge to beat myself for telling her that she has right on everything.

This infuriating short girl!

With controlling rage, I pulled out my cheque book out of my pant pocket and signed off a check for ten million.

Once I paid her and all my things are packed to be delivered safely, everyone who came shopping left us giving their phone numbers to Lilliput to call them for other sales too.

Once we are left alone, Lilliput turned towards me with a saccharine sweet smile and handed the cheque I gave her, back to me.

"Here, Mr. Bianchi, I paid tem million of my debt right now. I will try to pay the remaining amount too in installments."

And with that I was stumped at her silly ideas which actually worked.

She is seriously trying to pay me off, I see!

I need to do something before she pays me fully.

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