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Sienna Point of View

"─ I want you to take a nameless promise from Leonardo without a reason and gift it to me." My words paled her even more if it is possible.

I looked keenly towards her for an answer but all she did was looking at me few long minutes without even blinking her eyes.

If I even know at least five percentage of what a creature of a Bianchi is, then I would clearly understand that little lady Bianchi is planning something in her mind.

She looked extremely pale, I agree but these Bianchi's has an ability to control and mask their expressions very well. It seems like Valentina is having an inner battle with herself regarding my gift.

"Why?" She asked softly and slowly colour started filling her face.

Uh, what why? I have my reasons. I can't live with your brother now. Not now after what happened with me.

"I- I- Have my reasons" I answered crisply not wanting to make my situation a national news to everyone. I'm already in tight societal spot and I don't want more people to know about me or my past when it can be an obstacle for me to live freely in society in future.

Valentina gave me a knowing smile which made me rethink my options. The intelligent look that she's giving me is enough for me know that she knows about me more than she should.

"Alright. I will do that for you, though I can't promise you that I would be successful in it knowing my brother is dog when it comes to sensing things. But I'll try for you." She yet again gave me a knowing smile and returned to her previous position to drive away.

Uf, Such a long day it is!


"32, 33, 34, 35.... 50. Oh my God, who in their right mind will ever use fifty pairs of stilettoes? Not to mention thirty five handbags and 20 pouches." I grumbled while gathering everything into large box.

Now that the accessories are packed, I need to packed clothes now. God knows how much work is awaiting.

Once I opened the door to large closet room, I stood frozen looking at the huge shelves stuffed with colorful sun dresses, evening gowns, party wear, inner wear and night wear.

Now how do I pack everything from here? It looks like there is at least five hundred clothes here.

Oof! Move your butt and get to work, Sienna. Remember, you need to pay every pence you owe and get out of here.

As so with a determination

red million dollars doesn't seem impossible to me. Even though it takes me hundreds of years, I will surely pay him off!

The amount of earnings I got from this sale, fired my determination even more and boomed my encouragement. I feel like I do anything right now.

With the same positive vibe and a happy face, I walked towards my room to slap Mr. Giant's face with two and a half Million, keeping a half million for myself for further use.

My steps were light and bubbly and my face bright with smile. My eyes sparkling with stars and my whole body is wobbling with joy.

How should I give this money to him?

Should I literally slap the money on his face?

Or should I give him with a small mocking smile?

How will he react?

Will he be awe at my progress?

Smiling to myself, I opened the door of my bedroom with excitement coursing through my system and suddenly all the excitement, joy and pleasure walked into the drainage system once I saw the incredulous sight before me.

What the Hell!

"Alright, place these on the other side of the shelf and these on the down rack." Mr. Giant is ordering a couple of maid to arrange clothes in my closet.

What is happening here?

"Ah, Lilliput. I see you are finally here. I noticed that you are quite bored of your closet and had to sell them off, so I bought brand new clothes and accessories for you and double the last time." He smirked and slightly pulled the bag of money I brought to slap his face but I didn't expect to get slapped with double the amount in return.

What the Heck!

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