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Sienna Point Of View.

Lunch with Valentina and cutie Agustin was so amusing, Mr. Giant left us to attend an important meeting. It is what he says, Important but I know better. He is always avoiding me these days.

Val's son is so cute. He surely is a mamma's boy. His heart melting smiles are giving me baby fever. He even speaks fluently in a language that only he can understand. He is so chubby that his cheeks dance whenever he moves his face.

Something of this cutie pie reminds me of Mr. Giant. He has the same Bianchi eyes.


Why...? Why? I always think of Mr. Giant.

Anything and everything of this world reminds me of him.

I am not angry towards him. In fact I am angry on myself that I am ready to accept him when he apologizes.

But why the hell I think he would apologize to me?

According to him I am his merchandise, he bought me for pleasure and I gave him what he wanted.Then why I think he would care for my feelings?

Then again, if he didn't care for me why would he avoid me. Or is he really avoiding me or he is simply not interested in me?

Ishe so disappointed about my lack of experience? If so, should I be sad or worried?

Two most precious things in my life, my brother and my virginity are already taken from me and now I have nothing to loose. So, I shouldn't feel concerned about it. But still... still, I feel weird.

"Sienna! Sienna, you are inside?" I heard knock on my bedroom door and Valentina's soft voice calling me.

I immediately stood up and rushed to unlock the door. Valentina came inside with a smile and sat on the vanity chair regally.

I reluctantly took my seat on bed and was waiting to know why she came to my room.

"Hi, Ms. Bianchi." I waved awkwardly not knowingly how to greet in that situation.

"Put the honorifics in a safe, dear. Call me Valentina or Val, like Leo calls me. After all you are my soon-to-be sister-in-law." She smiled and I just nodded towards her not correcting the misconception of being a sister-in-law.



It's not going to happen. One day I will pay back my debt to him and leave him or he would be bored of me and leave me. In both the cases, we would hurt one another and leave.

"Anyways, I need a favor from you, dear." She said.

"Favor? Sure, I will do if I can" I answered meekly.

"Alright, So I forgot to bring few of Agustin's baby products and I need to go buy them. Will you please come with me? I'm taking Agustin with me and It's quite difficult to shop myself with a kid in my arms and also since we need to know each other more, this is a good opportunity for that." She said all in one breathe and I looked at her for one long minute to answer her.

She seemed so genuine in her approach towards me but is she really genuine as to accept me as his brother's better half?

She doesn't look like she's faking anything. Can I trust her?

"Hey, that's okay. I'll come with you." I answered shortly giving her a sweet smile.

"Great! Get ready in twenty minutes and we'll go hit the mall" She clapped and ran out from my room in a swish.

Wow! She's beyond energetic.


"Uh, if you don't mind can I - ask you something?" I asked her keeping an eye on cutie who was strapped in the back seat, from the rear mirror. She ignited the car and

tell me your brother got himself a girlfriend and a baby too. If you forgot, then let me remind you that you and I are still friends on Facebook. You can share that much information to me" He replied with a small smile and threw a mock smile to Valentina.

"What are you doing here? Did you start womanizing in a mall too?" She spit out with a deep scowl clear on her face.

"You know me better than anyone, darling. Shopping for women is the best way to while away the time." He said grinning at Valentina and winking at her.

Not knowing what to do to break their icy conversation, I started nudging Valentina.

"Valentina, let's go home for now. Agustin is terrified and he needs some food and sleep right now." I said and dragged her arguing form to the awaiting car.

Arsenio looked at the baby with a knowing look and chuckled at Valentina's glare.

Once inside the car, Valentina named that man with so many vile animals and creatures that made me wanting to laugh out loud.

She's so amusing when she's angry. No wonder that man was trying to enrage her.

"Thank you so much, Sienna. I'm so grateful to you for what you did. I'm so indebted to you for thinking quickly and took care of situation telling that he's your son."

"No, No don't thank me. I did understand that there is something between you too and realized the situation somehow looking at your posture then." I answered her and signed audibly and thanking God for saving this little cutie.

He must've been so terrified that he's hugging his mother tightly.

"Let you know something, for what you done for me today I promise you that I will be so grateful to help you anytime in life if everyone and anything is against you, you can count me by your side." She said genuinely.

And that was when I got this idea.

Idea of how I can get out of Mr. Giant's clutches without paying any money to him.

When people said that 'a great brain starts working when he has nothing to loose', I agree with it.

"Valentina, if so, can I ask you something? I –I want you to take a nameless promise from Leonardo without any reason and gift it to me." I said making her look at me in shock.

Time to get the hell out of here.

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