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Sienna Point Of View


How can someone look so stunning?

This girl, whoever she is not a product of earth. She must be a goddess or a demi – goddess.


Such a perfect and a beautiful name and it suit every cell of her. But the real question here is, Who is she?

She looks so acquainted with Mr. Giant considering how happy both of them while hugging each other.

Is she his friend?

His... girlfriend?

"Look how vibrant you are looking! My God Val, I missed you so much!." Mr. Giant gasped out a short laugh and hugged the woman tightly and kissed her on her head.

Uh, what is happening here?

Looking at him, so happy in the arms of another woman, I felt a prick in heart. He seem to love this woman a lot for being so joyous after seeing her.

Of course, why wouldn't he? She looks so beautiful and she has that aura and elegance that shuts people's nonsense.

"I missed you too." She giggled and got out of the hug but Mr. Giant put his hands on her shoulders "Why are you so thin? Aren't you eating at all? My, my, look how sulked out you look." He said with narrowed eyes looking all over her and inspecting her with a scowl.

"Oh my God, Leo. I am not thin at all in fact I'm so stout that I was planning to diet for a bit." She laughed in delight and looked at Mr. Giant with such love that Mr. Giant reverted the same for her too.

Now that looked at her clearly, she has long waist length reddish hair that was set on her back in perfect waves. Her hour glass figure was wrapped in a knee length sun dress and from nowhere I found her fat. She has perfect shape which can send any male to hell.

She's just... gorgeous.

"Fine but why are you empty handed? Where my favorite cheesecake?" He asked her to which she laughed and directed towards a woman standing on the doorway with the cutest baby boy in her arms. He must be one or one and half year old and was so damn cute that I fell in love with him at first sight. But when I looked closely, it was the boy's eyes that was a blow to me.

The same deep sea blue eyes that Mr. Giant possess.

Who is this boy to him?

He has few features that are similar to Mr. Giant.

Mr. Giant jumped from the stairs and dashed towards the lady on the doorway and took the baby boy in his arms kissing him all over his face. With heavy confusion forming in my system, I turned towards Valentina and was shocked by the same deep sea blue eyes looking down to Mr. Giant and the boy with love and affection.

Ah, she must be his family!

Oh dear... I was having wild assumptions here and turns out that

I am suddenly feeling desperate to do anything to earn such large money. Desperate to go away from the society I know and from the society that knows me. Desperate to breath air of freedom from the tag that was labeled on me and from Mr. Giant as well.

He has already damaged me for anyone else and took the precious thing I treasured so much. I am not regretting that he took my virginity, surprisingly. I don't remorse on losing it Mr. Giant but I'm hurt for having the most beautiful moments of my life in a disgusting situation.

I felt like a true prostitute for giving myself just to prove him my innocence. I'm feel that the possessiveness that Mr. Giant is showing towards me is not... healthy.

I do started falling in love with him the past two months but I don't want that love. I feel that the love I have for him is not wholesome. I do have this happy feeling when I was with him those two month but this is not the kind of love I am expecting.

I want love in my life to be based on feeling that can never be hindered even if large waves wash them.

And exactly that is the reason I want to buy myself back from him and live my life a little on my own terms. But damn, he was too adamant in making things difficult for me.

Still, I will try my best to get him all the money in a fair way and get rid of this slavery all for once.

Buying lottery and wining it is purely based on luck which I lack. What other ways are there for me to pay him easily?

Or is there any way that I might not pay the money but still he freed me?

And like God has finally heard me, he created an opportunity for me that day but little did I know that soon enough I will come to know one of the biggest secrets of my life.

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