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Leonardo Point Of View

Buy myself back

Buy myself back

Buy myself back

Buy myself back

No! That can never happen. She will never leave me. She will not. No it can't happen.


Here I am engulfed with guilt stabbing my heart for the atrocities I did with her and trying to amend things between us and she's thinking of going away from me?

Buy herself back!

Tsk, like I will ever let it happen.

It never crossed my mind to leave her ever after knowing that she's an escort and now when I know that I was the only one who she ever had in relationship with, my feeling for her intensified. No doubt I felt stabs of guilt for taking her rough and painful but this male pride of being the first one of a lady you love is rejoicing.

I feel... accomplished.

I feel satisfied

"Sure, but do you plan to do that?" I asked in a matter of fact tone. I know a very good way to weed away this useless thought from her system.

She will never leave me and that's final

She was mine and she will forever be.

She looked at me through her long lashed with a suspicious look and opened her mouth to frame an answer.

"I – I will pay you every month in small amounts and will be free once I pay you fully." She explained simply but she forgot one major point in this.

"Darling, You do know how much you need to pay right?" I asked inching towards her with confident strides, wanting to be close to her.

Few days of avoiding and not seeing her made me wanting and craving her more. It was like the invisible grey clouds between us are starting to get clear slowly.

"You still pay me my salary so I will pay my whole salary to you every month and will look for another part time job to make ends meet." I took her in arms and stroked her hair tenderly making no effort of understanding her statements.

"That's a great strategy you opted there, but sweetheart, remind me once again how much you need to pay me." I said casually with a sudden change in my demure, enjoying this proximity with her.

My arms tightened around her and my thumb making circle on her hip but she was totally concentrated on the financial matters.

After thinking for a minute "Two million. I can pay that."

I barked out a loud laugh and pecked her lips, "Not two million, Lilliput. It's two hundred million."

"Two hundred million. You get approximately thirty one thousand dollar

So now it's two hundred and one million and hundred thousand dollars?" She sighed in defeat.

What is she thinking about so deeply?

What is she planning?

Is she planning on paying me?

Then how?

At the look of it, she must be having a backup plan for this or else why would she suddenly provide me the option of buying herself back?

What exactly is she planning?

"Yes. Plus –"

"No, enough. Please. Please write down everything in a paper clearly and give it to me. I don't want to know about this extras in stages." Lilliput suddenly shrieked.

"Hahaha, alright. If you ask so. Damn I missed you so much!" I said placing light kisses on her jaw and slightly wetting it by my tongue.

Lilliput suddenly got out of my arms and adjusted her hair and folds of her dress and with a serious businesslike look she said, "That's it, Mr. Bianchi. Thank you for providing the information. I would look for possible sources to pay you back and get myself to me." Saying that she opened the door and got out from the room with quick steps.

Should I apologize for the punishment room thing?

I should, right?

Yes, I should apologize. She at least deserve an apology.

"Lilliput, wait!" I shouted back and followed her through the long stairs. She walked fast towards her room but I took long powerful steps to catch her. Just as I was to do so, I heard the voice of the person whom I've last seen an year ago.

"Leo, sweety. How are you?" She said circling her hands around my neck and kissing my cheek.

"Valentina? What are you doing here?" I asked with a nostalgic tone.

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