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Sienna Point Of View

What happened suddenly?

One minute he was furious and probing me to prove myself that I was not flirting. That I was innocent at that moment. That I was not doing anything out of the limits he created for me.

And I did.

I closed my eyes and stopped struggling to prove myself and to show him that I'm not who he thinks.

"You were asking how my father used this punishment room for my room, yes!" He asked while making himself comfortable on me. I didn't reply anything because I know this is not the time to get to know the family histories.

I was quiet terrified and scared a lot and there was lot of pain in my heart caused by many things that happened and happening with me.

"Answer ME!" He bellowed biting my lips like and animal and drawing blood from them while I gave a quick nod and looked at his evil smirk through my glossy eyes.

When has he become so heartless suddenly?

"Then let me start the story of the century. My bi**h of a mother was so beautiful and used her beauty to the fullest. She was happily married to my father for almost twelve years, or so we thought, because the next thing we found out was she was having an affair with my uncle, my father's younger brother."

I gasped at the gall of the woman who even tried to cheat on a Bianchi intentionally. I looked at Mr. Giant's face which is void of any emotions but there is this little hurt and betrayal in his eyes that can be found on when looked keenly.

He must be a small child and finding his dear mother to be loitering around his father and uncle must have been the reason for his biased and judgmental nature.

"My father was so hurt and devasted that the lady he loved and married was having a happy marital affair ever after with his own brother. So he did the only best thing that he thought, He brought her here, to the same old family discussion room and tied her to the same bed."

His words brought a wave of dread and a chill ran through my spine. The look that Mr. Giant holds right now is the look that is clearly described as possessed.

Is he possessed by the scene that happened with his mother or is he possessed with dreading me, I didn't know. But he looked so frightening that the rain of tears I was showering from past two hours intensified with a new wave of cyclone.

He trailed a line of wet kisses on my shoulder down towards my brea*ts and his teeth giving red love bites all over the places his lips travelled.

I wanted to stop him and tell him that he misunderstood me but I'm sc

he opened door longingly to get one sight of him so that I can have a conversation I wanted to have from past few days.

"Is he here right now?"

"Yes, madam. He's in his study from morning." I nodded and asked her to leave.

I think now is the time to ask what I wanted to.

It's time to be what I like to.

I walked towards his study with hesitant steps and usual dread taking over me.

What if he denies it?

What if he accepts it?

Would I be happy if he accepts it or denies it?

With a series of loud knocks, I waited for his acceptance to get in the study room.

When I heard the loud hoarse 'come in', I took and deep breathe and went in with a determined mind.

Yes I want this.

He was busy stuffing his face into laptop and bunch of papers he had in front of him. He didn't lift his face to see who was it and was busy doing the work on the papers.

Waiting for few seconds, I cleared my throat reluctantly and his head flew up towards me in shock.

It was the first time after that night that we are looking straight at each other.

His eyes held a lot of unknown emotions but one that was overtaking is guilt.

Guilt for probably taking the most precious thing from me. What to do now? It already happened and I cried enough that there are no tears anymore in my eyes.

"I w-want to talk to you"

"I'm busy. I can't." He quirked immediately not even curious to know what I wanted to say.

But this discussion is important to me and I don't want to prolong it according to his wishes. So I just spurred out what I wanted to tell so desperately which made him look at me with disbelieve and possessiveness.

"I wanted to buy myself back from you."

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