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Leonardo Point Of View


She is MINE. I bought her and Only I have the right to touch her.

"Leo –"He started but yet again I cut him off "It's Mr. Bianchi for you, your highness. Get that into your useless brain."

I am seething in anger at the sight of him. Arsenio Garcia, the man I hate the most on this earth. His middle names are pain and betrayal.

"Leo –"

"What is King of Malaga doing here? Are you out of work or out of women that your highness is flocking around my territory?" I added sarcastically tying to contain my anger and hate for this man. I might kill him right now for what he did three years ago.

To get myself into control, I turned towards my property who is standing silently with a scared look on her.

Wasn't she sick just few minutes ago! One look at a man and all the sickness is forgotten. Such a wench she is.

My rational side finally shut down totally and my animal instincts took hold of my emotions. All I see is red and all I think of is to murder that man. Long forgotten my limits and now I'm just a monster wants to claim his prize.

She is showing her true self I see.

"Showing your true colors, aren't you, my wench! Here I thought you are very sick and look what you are doing. Playing s*x with your next target." I gritted and gripped her jaw in a tight hold scolding her by dragging her to an empty room. She winced in pain but I am so blinded in my rage that I can think sane.

"Leo, Leonardo. For F**k sake, what are you doing? Leave her. What the hell are you thinking you are doing?" His Swine Highness followed me, yelled and tried to pry me away from her but my grip on her only tightened.

"Look, the lover boy is concerned over you. Isn't this an 'aww' moment? But Lilliput, if you want a man in your bed, you just need to ask me, your master. But instead you are trying for another man? You want someone to warm your bed right? Well, you will get that." I took hold of her arm in a tight grip and dragged her savagely thinking nothing but to tie her up in my punishment room.

"N-No, please, No-" She cried out but nothing is getting to my ears.

"Joder, déjala ir. Qué le estás haciendo a ella? No tomes la ira que me tienes en ella" He commanded like any of his words would affect me. He pulled her out of my grip and that action alone broke the last twig of control I had.

With a hard blow, I punched him right o

He is rich so you must be trying to trap him like how you did to me." I said and pushed her on the bed and crawled on her latching on her slender neck. The neck has red finger prints from earlier when I squeezed it.

She must be so much in pain.

"Please! Please believe me. Please" She squirmed and struggled to get out of my hold.

I pushed her down putting all my weight on her. My hands acting like navigators, explored her body and paused at her trousers. I unbuttoned them slowly while still kissing her neck and pulled it off. Her breath came out in pants and eyes dilated.

So Hot!

So sexy!

Damn, If half naked Lilliput is this mind blogging view then how beautiful the completed Lilliput will be.

"Make me." I rasped.

"Make me believe you. Prove me that you are innocent like you look. Show me that you are not interested in him. Show me how sorry you are for betraying me."

She stopped fidgeting and looked at me with a helpless look.

Tearing away her panties, I trailed my fingers on her private part making my own stand in absolute attention. She didn't struggle nor asked me to stop.

Kissing down to her collar bone and down towards her chest, I pulled out her bra with my teeth trying to conceal my wildness, not wanting to scare her.

Though she is well aware of men's different sexual priorities but I'm being careful not to be so feral.

I don't why she stopped struggling and why she is allowing me to have her. Frankly speaking, I don't care. I just want her now and I will have her.

Little did I know I would be getting a surprise once I'm done with her.

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