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Leonardo Point Of View:

"She deserves it!"I told myself after berating her.

I maintained a tight grip on my chair with both my hands to stop myself until she leave my room, so that my traitorous legs might make their way to her, my stupid hands might not hug her and touch her and assure her that I didn't mean whatever sh*t I said to her.

She deserves my every fu*king insult for cheating on me, for trapping me into her web of lies.

Then why?

Then why I feel like I should f**king kill myself for being a jerk to her!


Then why I feel like I should throttle my neck whenever I showed her right place to her!

Why? Being with her or seeing her everyday makes my inner-self calm where as her disappearance makes me tense, afraid and weak.

I was a happy man before. I f**king never cared about others falling but now...

Life has its own way of showing us what it is capable of. I've never thought or expected myself to be in a tight spot that I'm currently in.

I loved her.

I loved her even after knowing what a dreadful thing love is! I know love only leads to hurt, betrayal but my fucking heart has a brain of its own!!!

I know still loving her makes no sense! But I still do.

We may not have had a long period of dating nor did we sleep with each other but still my feelings for her are very strong that I'm surprised that her profession meant nothing to my heart.

It mattered to me but... like my grandma always says, a heart knows better.

The past month was not something very pleasant to me to live. Sienna and her secret was not the only problem but my feelings for her are getting on my nerves too.

These feelings are budding even more since she started living with me. Though all I do is to insult her and hurt her, I also fall into a seamless depth of questions on I am doing exactly what I am doing.

Is it because I use to have very deep feelings for her that I hurting her, or is that I still have feeling for her that I'm trying to show her how helpless I've become?

"S-sir, Mr. Ricci is on the line, wants to talk to you about the shipping project." She said softly with her held eyes held low entering to my cabin again.

All these days of one whole month, I didn't see her looking into my eyes and talking. Her face was always filled with despair, hurt, pain and defeat.

I nodded at "Arrange refreshments for Mr. Hedgewood and give all the shipping details while I join in the meeting in ten minutes." She nodded her head slowly and was about to go out and I continued, "Oh, And also, Do not show your real face to him. I have a reputation to hold in society. Be discrete at your sexual interests."

aughed out softly, tapping the man in front of her on his shoulder in a friendly gesture when I saw her.


I couldn't see his face as his back is towards me. Who might he be? Her past lover or... or... her present one?

Who the hell is dare to make my fiance laugh!!

"Are you really alright? But look at me, I don't think I am alright after meeting such a beautiful lady. May I ask you something if you don't mind, sugar." The man said, giving her an exaggerated bow.

This voice...!

This man's voice is quite familiar.

I slowly started striding towards them in slow but confident steps. Dare of this girl, flirting in my arena?

"Sure. Please do ask. After all you are my savior." Lilliput spoke with the gentlest smile on her lips. Wow, look at her, she didn't give such a smile till now to me but for other men, she has an unlimited stock.

Her voice was soft and surreal which I didn't hear till now. Well, I didn't know many things about her so I don't think this is any new to me.

"From which part of Elysium are you from?" He asked in a raspy voice that made me want to throw up but made Lilliput laugh out loud.

He is going to her at full swing, I see. Elysium, huh? Such a lame pickup line to court a lady.

"My life is anything but a paradise, sir. But thank you for such kind words. You filled my heart with so much warmth and happiness." She replied smiling softly towards him but I can detect a tinge of sadness in her voice.

"Sir? Oh Sienna, I asked you call me –"

"Arsenio" I cut him off saying his name with so much detest and disgust.

The beast who is craving for blood is awakened when I saw 'that useless man' flirting with my woman but what got me was she is flirting back with him.


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