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Sienna Point Of View

I am so humiliated

I feel so disgusted and used.

If it was any other man who is asking me to nude dance, I would've felt that it was my ill fate and would've danced.

But, when if it's a person who you have grown upon and started having feelings for, you feel disgusted upon yourself when you see the same in his eyes.

Crushing my feelings deep inside, I slowly started swaying to the erotic music that was playing in the background.

I swayed with stiff body and restricted moves and seems like he didn't care less about it. He continued to watch me like a hawk and threw many dirty and lustful looks towards my body.

Every now and then he would signal with his finger to dance near him so that he could touch me and I would do that. The little inflict of pain he would give me by pinching and biting is nowhere near the pain I'm feeling in my heart.

"Hmm, I should've known you are a tissue long back. You do look like one." He said tracing his fingers along my arm and br***ts.

"Why – why are you – " I started stuttering but he cut me off by biting my hip monstrously.

"Did I allow you to use your mouth?" He gritted, pulling to kneel on ground before his legs.

I shook my head vigorously not wanting to make the beast even angrier. "Then use it when and where I ask you to. I bought you to use your body, so just speak with your curves." He bellowed and took me by my hair and dragged me towards the car waiting outside of the club.

Where is he taking me now?

Will he kill me?

He is enraged beyond logicality and he might as well kill me. But killing me will be a better option rather than keeping me with him or worse keeping me in punishment room.

Heavens save me from this life and take it away!


"Miss Miller, Here's your coffee and your handbag." A maid reached me to the dining room and handed me my bag alone with few files.

"Miss, Master Bianchi already left for office and he asked you to take black BMW today and warned me to give you breakfast before leaving." Mrs. Wang, our head maid brought me a plate full of different assortments of breakfast along with a glass of fresh juice.

"Mrs. Wang, I cannot eat this much food, so please take away few pancakes" I pleaded her looking at the large plate of food.

"I am so sorry Miss, Master Bianchi would not be pleased when he knows that you did not eat your breakfast completely. We are strictly instructed to look after your meals and hygiene." Mrs. Wang smiled sweetly at me and placed the jar of maple syrup on the table.

"We are so happy that Master found you and we are quite happy that he loves you so much." Mrs, Wang commented, leaving the dining room to bring me more juice and I just smiled a little at her.

"Look at her, how come anyone resist such girl! Boss sure grabbed the opport

e me know how he's feeling right now.

Few days ago, when he declared our impending marriage suddenly, I doubted how he can love me? He was always bickering with me and trying to make me work to death.

I think I started understanding the meaning of his actions now.

When he said he loves me, he really meant it. There are many kinds of people who show their feelings and emotions in different ways and I think it was his way.

He did not once correct his servant staff about me being his fiancée. He did not tell them that I was bought by him in an auction. He let them think I am his fiancée though he continued to persecute me in front of them. He warned them to treat me like their queen, but what use of a queen who is broken beyond repair?

In front of them, I am his sweetheart but when alone, I'm his slave.

After being a week at his mansion, he suddenly ordered me to rejoin the company as his PA. I was stunned by his decision. As if tormenting me with his words at his mansion was less, he decided to use the alone time at office too.

When I wondered why he would recruit me as his employee again even, the answers for his actions soon found their way to me. He wanted to inflict pain in me even in office.

'I paid to enjoy you. Why just keeping you at home when I can do whatever the hell I can do with you anywhere? You will serve me at office too. Maybe after years of your service, if I get contented, I might sell you back to some good person'

That was his exact reply for my unasked questions.

What can I do then, I joined. I started working at his office as PA again. Yet again, he behaves like a sweet romantic boyfriend in front of his employees making them envy my life with him.

Only if they know what it's liking being in my shoes.

I always wondered how he can impose hurt on me when he once declared he loved me so much.

Does he still love me?

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