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Sienna Point of View


Pin drop silence.

The only sound that is slightly heard is his ragged breathing.

People say that the greatest sound is silence. In my case, right now, it is true. The silence between us is scary. It gives out the vibes of upcoming storm that is going to hit me with full force.

"M-Mr. Bia-nchi?" I stuttered in a distressed tone with my head hung low. I cannot look into his eyes. No, that action will kill me soon.

After so graciously buying me from the auction, Mr. Giant took hold of my elbow in a fierce grip making me flinch and gasp at pain many times and dragged me to his car unceremoniously.

With the terrifying look and the tight fist, I know how much he is trying to control his fury.

From the time he bought me, he did not even speak one syllable. He is stiff, still and... dangerously silent.

I'm shivering with 'worldsome' fear, if there is any word like that to measure my infinite terror.

Nonstop tears were my only companion that never left my side.

But the question haunting me from a while is how did he know that I was there in the auction?

How did he come to know about me?

Wait... did he read the letter I shoved into his hands the other day?

Oh my angels! He read the letter and came for me to revenge!

I expected understanding and sympathy at the least from him. But with his behavior right now, I'm contemplating if my decision to tell him the truth was bad.

I tried to perceive what is going through his treacherous head. But even more frightening things is what will happen to me now.

What will he do to me?

Will he kill me secretly?

Will he abuse me?

We are travelling in his billion dollar car from past half an hour and the car is filled with nothing but dreading silence. The ride came to a smooth halt making me wonder where we are.

The driver opened Mr. Giant's door and Mr. Giant walked out towards the shady building which seems to be like a club. He didn't look at me nor asked me to follow him. He just strode inside with lightening steps.

Not knowing what his intensions are, I hurriedly followed him. The stunning outer appearance of the building do

oice clearly hinting me the arriving danger. I stood quiet with my head low, weeping softly at my ill-fortune.

He walked towards me towards me lazily and caught my jaw in a firm grip giving me extreme pain. He laughed like a maniac looking at my tears and shoved me towards the two standing poles.

"With your enticing body and those sexy tears, I'm getting excited for what is about to come." He whistled eyeing my body with lust and desire and started tracing his fingers on my body.

To my horror, I'm feeling uncomfortable yet it created a spur of excitement inside me.

"Start" He announced suddenly and went to sit on the sofa in front of me.

I looked at him confusingly. But one look at the pole beside me answered all my question.

"Come on, little harlot. I paid a fortune for your life time services. Stop giving me that fake innocent look and dance for me. You must've given steamy performances for many men. Show me your skills now." He said with a mock excitement and pressed the remote of music player. An erotic piece started to play.

I didn't move, didn't speak nor did I lift my head to look at him. I just stood stiff and still.

"I SAID START DANCING" He yelled at me and I trembled with utter fear.

At that moment, I came to a painful realization that there is no good in my life. Neither there was nor will ever be.

I am stuck in a prison of lifetime pain and suffering.

Now there is no way out from it.

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