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Leonardo Point Of View

Damn you, Niccolo!

Damn you for ruining my romantic time with Lilliput!

Damn you for blaming me for your Mistress runaway.

Damn you for being a dead meat now.

If it would be someone else, I would've no doubt killed him but you are lucky to be my best friend.

"Nic, Damn it, Open the damn door." I yelled at the top of lungs.

I should be having good time with Lilliput and making up for the disturbance Niccolo has created. But here I am at Niccolo's penthouse, outside his room waiting for him to open the door. This mad man has gone even more crazy after his mistress is gone.

Argh! He's lucky that I care for him a lot and immediately came to comfort him.

"Niccolo Russo, you better open the door before I break in" I warned and waited for him. Minutes went by but he didn't make any move to open the door.

That's it! I'm not going to wait here all night for him to get to his right senses.

So, using all the strength I gather from extreme work out, I broke the door and went inside only to find Niccolo sprawled on the floor with many empty alcohol bottles around.

I walked closer and squatted near him. He was murmuring something in the effect of heavy alcohol.

"Nic, Nic, wake up. What the hell is wrong with you?" I shook him violently to wake him.

He stirred a little and started to crap out some nonsense. I shook him more but he started speaking something about his life without his Pheobe and how he is dead without her in his life.

Such a pussy he is!

"Leo, I need her. Ssshe is m-y life. I need – her." He rasped out, with half opened eyes looking so knocked out.

"Nic, get your act straight. You need her? Then fine, you will have to search for her but first you need to stand up on your two feet and get your senses back. Such a fool you are to get yourself into this pathetic sh*t just for a lady." I said and splashed a mug of water on his face to wake him up from his delirious state.

He laughed out like a mad person "I – love her – so much" He said between hiccups. I immediately brought a glass of water and helped him into a sitting position and made him take few sips of water.

He will get himself killed one day for his worthless mistress.

Such an a**

"I want her back, Leo. I need her. Why would she go away from me? Contract or not, she is bound to me forever. Can she not understand that? You know what Leo, she always wanted me to marry someone with good family so that she couldn't be a hindrance in my life and career but I always wanted only her in my life. What if I cannot marry her,

ard her name.


"I take the pleasure to introduce Sienna Thomas to all of you." The announcer spoke out.

Sienna Thomas?

I knew it. Niccolo mistook someone else for my Lilliput.

I smiled to myself and turned back to look at the girl on the stage.

Huh! This filthy disgusting girl can never be like my sweet Lilliput.

Suddenly a spot light was on the girl on the stage.

"This beautiful chick here has beautiful body out of all the girls from our house. The bid to buy this girl starts from Fifty thousand dollars." The announcer said but I could hear anything.

What is – happening here?

That is –

No, she can't be.

The girl on the stage is Sienna Miller, my Lilliput.

I fisted my hand in a tight hold controlling the sea of emotions coursing through me.

How is this possible?

My Lilliput is... on sale?

"Miss Sienna, Do you, in front of all our auctioneers, take an oath that you are here on the sale on your own wishes but not on any coercion?" The announcer spoke pointedly looking at her.

Lilliput looked pale and sick standing there on the stage. Even from far I can sense her panic and dread.

She shivered a bit at him scarily and stuttered a 'yes' looking down towards the floor.


She said Yes?

All my thoughts went haywire at the betrayal I am facing now.

First, Sienna Miller is actually Sienna Thomas.

Second. She is an escort.

Third, She acted sweet and innocent to trap me and was now selling herself for a couple dollars.

Last, the girl standing before me is not the Lilliput I loved so much.

She is Sienna Thomas, a public bed warmer.

Sienna Thomas, You will pay for betraying me and making my love for you a joke. I promise you.

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