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Sienna Point of View

"Look who's here. You are such a sneaky little rat I see!"

I stopped dead at my tracks panic stricken. I went pale at the terrifying voice I heard from my back and was praying to God that it should not be him even though I know exactly who that is.

I slowly turned around holding my breath.

"So this is who you are" I heard him say in a low evil tone, walking towards me.


Oh no, it was Bruce.

Bruce is a head of another wing of the Escort house like Rick. While Rick is a with generous heart, Bruce is an evil weed.

He is a bad news.

He was after me from many years. He tried many times to take me under his wing so that he can use me to earn millions but Rick was good enough to border him from me.

"I – I was – just – " I stuttered thinking of a reply.

"Look at the irony, this is the time of the night that our business hits sky and yet here you are enjoying the night alone." He came close to me and gave me an evil smile showing his yellowish brown teeth, the result of smoking and drugs.

I know he doubts me. Rick was careful but there were many instances where he blatantly showed his greed for me and the money I could earn for him.

With Rick going out of state for few days for some work, he grew more atrocious now.

Oh angels, why is this happening to me?

First it is Mr. Giant, then it is Niccolo and now it is Bruce. I'm doomed from all sides. Is there no way I can save myself from all these?

"Who's your client, Chick?"

"N – Norman Knight" I said the name that was noted in the records.

"So Norman Knight is the name of the night blind customer you pleasure. Want to have a ride with another?" He asked maliciously, tracing my face with a finger.

NO No!

"N- No. My master expects me to be loyal to him till his contract with me ends." I said backing away and hurriedly walking into the mansion.

But his words I heard from back had me stumble with fear.

"The more you run from, the closer you are getting towards me, chick."


The whole night I cried and cursed at my ill fate. Many 'what if's' made my situation even more pitiful.

Would I be able to live a life with Mr. Giant or any man from decent family if I was not a part of this?

Would Mr. Giant love me if I was someone who's different? Someone of his status?

Will it be only a mere dream for me to have a family?

With many thoughts of Mr. Giant I tried hard to sleep but just when sleep was about to take reign over me, I heard a loud cry and many yelling voice. I got up from the bed im

hoebe, this is the only way one can get out of here.

Being sold.

Once being sold to someone, the escort house authorities have no rights on the sold women. They can be free once the owner gets bored and leaves her.

But mostly, the owners harass their mistresses and make them work for them as maids once they are bored of her.

What kind of master will I get.

Ah, my fate.

I am Sorry Mr. Giant. I know I shouldn't have fantasized you but this stupid heart kept opening it's doors for you. I am not in any status for you but somehow I feel guilty for unintentionally drawing you towards me.

"Sienna Thomas! Sienna Thomas!" My name was being called out and walked towards the stage taking a deep breath.

"This beautiful chick here has beautiful body out of all the girls from our house. The bid to buy this girl starts from Fifty thousand dollars." Bruce shouted out in microphone not even trying to conceal his excitement.

"Seventy Thousand"

I am going to ruined for any man now...!

"Eighty thousand"

I cannot live my life decently ever again from this moment.

"Ninety five thousand"

I can never express myself to anyone now

"One million"

I cannot see Mr. Giant ever again!

"One million and twenty"

I cannot see that mischievous glint ever.

"One million and thirty "

I can never express my love for him now!

"One million and fifty"

Wait Love? I just like him, no?

"One million and seventy"

Love! I love him!

"One million and ninety"

I realized my love for him now at the desperate moment when I can never ever be his.

"Fifty Million" Came out an achingly familiar hoarse voice that froze me, which I thought I can never hear after today.

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