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Sienna Point Of View


This must me a dream. A nightmare.

Niccolo Russo was Pheobe's lover. This is bad. Not only for Pheobe, but me too.

"Where. Is. She?" Niccolo bit out through gritted teeth pulling Mr. Giant by collar. Niccolo looked like a possessed beast who is out for a hunt.

I was shivering. I was scared. So very scared.

With flickering eyes I looked over to Mr. Giant, who looked calm and composed.

"Listen Nic, I don't know where she is. I really don't." He pried Niccolo's hands from his collar and patted his shoulder with both the hands.

I didn't know what to do. I know that Mr. Giant is not the reason behind Pheobe's disappearence. It was her time to let go all the burdened ties she was bound in. It was her decision to leave but I cannot say it out.

As much I wanted to defend Mr. Giant, I don't want to give away my identity like this. Not in front of the third person. That is the reason I had written a letter about my identity because I'm not strong enough to tell him proudly about it.

"You were the last person she talked to other than me. We enjoyed our time very well but she was a little stiff after talking to you. Tell me what have you said to her to make her go away?"

I took a shaky breath looking at the man who's acting wild like an animal. His eyes were bloodshot like he had been deprived of sleep from many years. His hair stood in all directions and his clothes were all ruffled like he did not had a bath from many days.

Oh my god!

What has become of him? Oh Pheobe, What do I do now? It seems like you took his life with you.

"I sure was the last person to have a chat with her but do remember my friend that if I wanted to tell her to piss off from your life, I would've done that a long back." Mr. Giant said calmly but I can see the storm brewing behind them.

I was not much concenered about their fight but the reason I was shaken up was because I am an important station for Niccolo to reach his destination.

He would come to me any time soon and I'm afraid of my identity being exposed.

Niccolo just gritted his teeth and left Mr. Giant's collar with a little push. He looked at him for few seconds deciding to believing him or not.

"I will forget our long years of friendship and will kill you if I find you the reason for my Pheobe's disapperance." Niccolo threatened and walked out of the room slamming the doors.

Mr. Giant

't pull him off Cima.

"Mr. Russo, Phoebe has a right to live her life as she wishes now and she left from here. She did not tell anyone of us about her plans nor it was not our place to keep tabs on her anymore. So I request you to leave from here or else I have no other choice than to call more guards and throw you out." Rick commanded and tried to get through the infuriated monster but that only made Niccolo push Cima harshly and pin Rick to the wall.

"Oh, I am not at all afraid of your little guards, you pig. No I am not. I will go for now not because I am afraid because I have to find my life. Beware because I will hunt down the people who are involved in this." He gritted through his teeth and gave one final look around and strode out not before bumping into Rick hard making him fall on his butt.

This is bad.

I ran a hand through my hair and called Phoebe to let her know about this incident but the she didn't pick up the call. After trying for few times, I sighed and gave up.

May be she is busy stelling herself in the new place. I hope she is alright.

How uneventful today is!

First it was my damn boss and his sudden interest in me. Then it was our unexpected engagement, our converstaion in the office, Niccolo attaching Mr. Giant and Niccolo's Predicament. It was too much to take in.

I slowly walked out to take fresh air and have a little walk to calm myself. I just crossed the porch of out building when I felt a shadow hover over me.

Feeling scared, I lifted up my head to see who it was, only to gulp in fear.

"Look who's here. You are such a sneaky rat I see!"

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