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Leonardo Point Of View

My grandfather always taught me to grab a chance when it is in your hand itself, otherwise you may not be given such generous opportunity by nature again.

And that's what I did!

I put my learning into action. I had what I wanted in my hand and just grabbing it tight is what needed and I just did that.

I may be called impulsive but I call myself quick witted. I don't take much time in pursuing what I want. I may take time in realizing something but not working on it.

"You are a great woman, no doubt." I whispered slowly with a little fake smile, while dancing, to the lady in my arms.

She shifted from one foot to the other tersely, uncomfortable with my hard tone.

"I- I know―" She started but I cut her off with my own advice for her.

"That's good that you actually know something. You need to think about Niccolo's good and do things that are pleasant for him. Don't you? You are in no status to have a legit relationship with any man nor are you good enough for anyone. You are being his weakness and I will not let him get hurt."

I hope she gets my point. I may be called heartless but this is all I am doing for my friend. I don't want him to spend his precious years of youth in love with a woman he cannot settle with. I know I'm proving to be an evil person here but I don't care what I am as long as it's for my friend.

She looked lost and sad but I'm Leonardo Bianchi and I can detect such lowlife's acting. This is not new to me.

"I-I'm trying to make him realize the same thing. But I know I'm the major threshold in his way so I will... I will..." She choked and tried to get back to her calm self.

"Well, do whatever you like but I do not want Niccolo hurt in any way. You will see hell if he gets hurt by you. I promise." I said immediately with no remorse but somewhere in my cold icy heart, it pricked me for what I did just now.

Just then, another young man in mask came near me asking for the hand in dance of the lady in my arms. As I passed on to her next dance partner, I looked around to spot my Lilliput fiancée and have few comfortable moments with her.

Now that I've fulfilled the duties of a good friend, I should now start fulfill duties of a very very good fiancée for my Lilliput.

Sienna Point of View

I cannot stay here.

I cannot stand in this elite crowd as if I'm one of them and I'm leading a happiest moment of my life.

No I can't.

I... I like Mr. Giant, no doubt. If ever I was allowed to dream for something possible, then I would be dreaming to have true love in my life and spend my life with him. But I'm not allowed for that.

I cannot let the little liking he has for me to get destroyed due to the secret horrendous life I'm living.

I walked out of the party and hailed a cab to go away from here... for now.

I reached my room and fell on bed and cried out for all the things I missed and I'm missing due to having this different life than others.

I cried for myself.

Just then, my room door slowly opened and Rick entered slowly with a tray full of food for me. I hugged him tightly and cried in arms for God knows how many hours and Rick kept on patting my back as a gesture of comforting me.

"Are you alright?" He asked. I shook my head but did not explain what's wrong.

"Pheobe just came few minutes ago and is now packing for her tomorrow's departure. Aren't you going to have a final chat with her? Go, we'll talk about other things later."

Yes, Rick was right. I need spend last few hours with Phoebe. Don't know when we'll be able to meet again.

Clearing my tears, I assured Rick that I'd do that.

Walking into Phoebe's room, I saw her standing near the open window, deep in thoughts.

"May I help you in anything?" I asked with a fake enthusiasm. She gave me a small smile and shook her head pointing to the small suitcase she packed long back.

"Is that only luggage you are going to take with you? What about the

trolled my anger and squirmed to get out of his flaming arms.

"Sir, I don't want to –" He tightened his grip around me and licked my earlobe to seize any words coming out from me.

"Sir? Call me Leo. You are my fiancée and it is only right to call me with my name or any endearments. But I prefer 'master' in bedroom." He rasped making the hair on my skin stand up. He nuzzled my neck and kept kissing there.

"Why- are you – doing this?" I stammered. He is not letting me speak and I know it is intentional.

He wanted to stop any disagreement from me and he is very clever to use physical intimacy to achieve it.

Very clever!

"You are mine and I can kiss you whenever I want." He clarified and bites my ear sensually to prove his point. I gritted my teeth to stop the new pleasure building inside me.

"Don't act smart Mr. Bianchi. You know what I'm talking about. I don't want to marry ―" He yet again stopped the words in the middle by turning me around and taking my lips into a powerful kiss.

He enveloped my lips with his warm ones and bit them. I started punching his chest with my small fists but seems like it didn't work much. He pulled me towards him more and plastered me towards him if possible and picked me up with one arm around my waist and other arm around my head to continue the kiss.

I couldn't think about anything right now. It's like all my brain activities are shut down and the only thing I can feel is him.

His lips, his arms, his chest and his whole body.

I was kissed by many but Mr. Giant's kiss was special. It was possessive and a description of passion.

He walked and sat on his chair making me tangle his waist with my legs and sat me in his lap. He didn't for once thought of taking a puff of air. He continued to kiss me with so much rough passion.

I am feeling things I shouldn't. I tried to pry myself away from him but it only made him kiss me roughly.

I, somehow after a very long session of make out, jerked away from him a little with tears rolling down my eyes don't know why.

I need to do this even it hurts me. Even it hurts him. It's better to hurt him a little now rather than hurt him a lot later.

I pulled out the letter from my skirt pocket and placed it in his hands "Sir, you need to read this to ―"

"What the did you do to her? Where is my Phoebe?" I was cut off by the very angry looking Niccolo barging into the room with blood red eyes and clothes all ruffled. I immediately stepped away from Mr. Giant and bit by cheek from inside in nervousness. He strode towards Mr. Giant and pulled him by his collar.

Oh god No!

Niccolo is Phoebe's lover?

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