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Leonardo Point of view


Umm, L-o-v-e!

Such a weird and contented feeling it is. Growing up, I saw many people falling in love and falling out of it very fast. Though my great grandparents and my grandparents are living examples of what love is how they are in each other's life, my definition slowly changed looking at many young couple's love.

Now what am I feeling?

It is not what the couple's who fell out of love felt because the feeling of never letting Lilliput go away from me even if it has to take me to tie her to me.

Now that I'm in acceptance that I'm actually in love with Lilliput, what next?

According to Newton's law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So my first plan is to make her fall in love with me. So, my list to do things from here...

1. Make her fall in love with me

2. Make her confess her feelings

3. Then normally at that stage, couples usually marry. So Marry her

4. Then in nine months approximately, having a baby boy or baby girl or both in same package is fine.

5. In near future, in approximately thirty years, we'll have tons of grandchildren.

I am a Bianchi. Leonardo Bianchi. Who doesn't love to love me? I am handsome, good, generous, Kind hearted, rich and a BIANCHI.

Lilliput should be very glad and jumping that I am loving her and she's loving ME. She should be grateful that even being very short, she made a Greek god love her. She should be proud that even though she is far away from my social class, I love her. She will definitely worship the path I walk knowing I love her.

In fact, since I'm not that much experienced in love and it's still a new concept for me, I will make her confess her undying love for me. She will get on her one knee and state her feelings for me.

It's not very difficult to make someone love me and Lilliput is not at all a difficult option. So she can love me slowly while I implement my plans. It's not a rule that I should follow the order...

So, I walked towards the middle of the ballroom where there is a little elevation of floor. I clapped loudly and called for everyone's attention.

"Good evening everyone. I hope you are enjoying the party. You know how we Bianchi's are. We get what we want no matter what obstacles we may find in our way. We eliminate them."

Everyone gathered around me in a little distance and listening to me keenly. My friends are looking at me curiously with a devious smirk.

Bastards, they know me too well!

Ladies are swooning at the very look of me and I also found saliva on few ladies mouth. I looked around and found Lilliput at th

cort house ever, then how?

Is he one of the customers there?

"You know her from before?" Mr. Giant questioned raising an eyebrow to which Valdemar gave a slight nod and I turned towards him waiting for a revelation of my secret.

"The moment I saw her, I was thinking on and on why she looks familiar. Now I get it."

"You felt the same too? The first time I met her, I felt like I saw her somewhere too." Niccolo commented trying to solve the mystery.


This is it!

This is the end!

I closed my eyes tightly and was waiting for the secret to be revealed.

"Do you remember that small man-like elf creature from Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets movie? Dobby? Yes his name was Dobby. Doesn't she look a smaller and beautiful version of him? So small and little!" Valdemar completed, chuckling. I signed inaudibly once the tension left my body.

William, Niccolo laughed while Mr. Giant chuckled pulling me closer to him and pecking my forehead.

Oh Lord, what has gotten into him suddenly?

Why is he behaving like this out of blue?

I need to talk to him as soon as possible. I tried to pull him to some empty corner but he stopped and looked at a certain female figure in mask dancing with a man on the dance floor.

"Sir I need to talk to you please." I begged to be heard. He looked down at me and immediately gave me a soft smile.

"I have little work to do with that Lady. We'll talk later, my Lilliput." Saying he gave me yet again a passionate rough kiss leaving me there all confused and shattered.

Even if we are alone, what am I going to talk to him?

I cannot tell him my real identity. Oh dear angels, please help me! I prayed, wiping the tears that formed in my dark circled eyes.

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