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Leonardo Point of view

"Oh come on, Leo. Don't brood over nothing!" Niccolo stated with exasperation clear in his voice.

Brood over nothing?

"Really, Niccolo? You brought your mistress, a freaking prostitute house worker as your date and you are telling me to give a proud smile?" I raked my hand through my thick hair trying to control my anger.

"This is not the first time though. I'm bringing her with me as my date from almost ten years and I don't care what you think about her. She is and will be my only date further too." Niccolo ended the discussion with a 'no more argument' look.

I know he's vexed up with this discussion. It's been years that we start Christmas Eve or any party with the same discussion. He always prefers a masquerade parties because his little mistress is a shy or most precisely and person with lot of shame to even attend a high end society parties.

I looked over to the other side of the ballroom and found a tall slender woman with a red feather mask, talking with few ladies regally like she belongs here.

"She's a prostitute, Niccolo! She is a used one. She doesn't belong to reputed society for god sake. You need to stop your thing with her and start a relationship with someone really worthy." I said trying to make him see the truth.

I'm not a fool, I can see he's in love with that escort and that's the most absurd thing ever. He can use her for his needs but an escort should not cross her bed sheet limits.

"Mind it, Leo. What are you then?" He asked raising an eyebrow and eyes filled with fury. I gave him a confused look telling him I didn't understand what he's referring to.

"You go to pubs, pick up girls and enjoy nights with different girls. Hell, you have more mistresses than your those strands of hair on your head. You do it, then its manliness and pride. She, for some unavoidable reason, does it then she's shameless? Think about yourself before speaking about my lady." He gritted and strode away to where his lady is standing.

I understand Niccolo is an understanding and philosophical type of person with all the things he went through in his life. But how come he's blind to the fact that one day he will be hurting himself. One day when he should settle down with a wife for his family and for his

because I'm letting my mind function that way. So don't be over-smart with me.

And to answer your question, yes it bothers me I think. No, it bothers me a lot.

Wait, it bothers me?

'Think how it would be when Lilliput would be dancing with a handsome man. How it would be to see her in another man's arms all cozy and comfort. How it ―'

Enough I get your point. I will be angry. I will break that person's arms that will make her cozy and comfortable. I will kill the person who will make her smile. I will destroy the person who will touch her.

But why? Why is it so bothering me to imagine her with a man?

'Because she's your sister and you are protective of her.' My conscious side mocked.

I internally raised an eyebrow telling it that it's not funny. Oh no! Eww she can't be my sister. The thought alone is so creepy.

'Exactly, then it's clear you have feelings for her. And especially you are so carefree with her though she doesn't think like that. I thought we came up to the understanding that you like her before?'

But I like her because she's good at work. Isn't it?

'Stop fooling yourself and accept that you love her. You even kissed her at the island. Why if you don't have feelings?'


Is it that thing? Damn, the word feels weird in my mouth.

Four letter word stating with 'L' and ending with 'E'?

But it's not possible. I can't fall in L-O-V-E. Not with Lilliput.

But... I... love... Lilliput!

Now what should I do? Its first time that I fell in l-o-v-e.

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