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An Italian's Virgin Escort By Lady Prim Characters: 6280

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Sienna Point of view

These two days were like hell on earth. He made me prepare every single thing for the party all alone. Mr. Giant, neither helped me in tasks nor let anyone help.

I thought I started understanding him a little after that sleepover on island but no! How can someone understand something which is nothing!

I arranged for the most exquisite Italian food for the party and I was proud of myself for setting up the food in time.

Was Proud!

Because just this afternoon, when he was going through the arrangements to give me an all check, he freaking said that this year's food will be Indian.

Apparently, they have a ritual to change the food type every year and they just had Italian last year. So, this year it's Indian. But what's infuriating me is he knew I was ordering Italian and did not try to stop me or inform me. When I asked him about this, he said, 'Oh Lilliput, I'm making you strong and strategic to be able to work in any situation and by the way Indian food is life. Did you ever taste their curries? It's Life Resurrecting!' He said licking the imaginary gravy from his fingers.

Oh for goodness sake!

'But sir you didn't ―'

'Enough talking about your butts, Lilliput. Even though it's written the document that its Italian courses again, you need to triple check with me which you only double checked. Now go get to work. How will you arrange delicious mouthwatering Indian food by evening for the party?'

How come this devil behaves like a four year old kid when it comes to his favorite thing in the world? Food!

And that ended up with me going around the list of Indian restaurants with great food and who can cater us in few hours. After two hours of running and sweating, I found this one place that can make instant large deliveries.

All thanks to God of sweet Mayonnaise!

But that's not the end of my probl

helf innocently, first thought that crossed in my mind was MR. GIANT.


He's just missing these to complete him.

I don't know why I am behaving so bravely. He can kill me right away in one go but still, I'm not afraid of my life. That's weird! I don't understand why I am confident that how angry or agitated he may be he will not hurt me, seriously.

"But sir, they suit you so much like they finally reached their destination!" I stated with utmost sincerity and genuinely.

Oh you deserve them MR. Giant.

Now, after torturing me from all these days, he at least deserve some complimentary from my side, so I just completed the package with fangs and horns. Since we don't have enough time to buy another one, he has to use it.

Now world will know how devil he is!


I looked innocently at him and blinked my eyes as if I am the as pure as holy water. He just smirked and walked past me to the awaiting Limo taking the mask and trying it on. He suddenly stopped and turned towards me and leaned over "I'll see you in the party in half an hour, my Lilliput." He whispered close to my ear and left from there.

Uh huh! Why do I sense a trouble in that smirk?

Wait, Half an hour? But I'm not yet ready!

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