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Sienna point of view

"Ouch!" Aish! It hurts.


Everything happening to me right now is a pure nonsense played by nature against me. Why the heck am I on the same bed as him?

I had a choice but why had I not utilized it.

Yeah right, sleeping on sand and cement near the construction site where dogs are your companions is the great choice who've let go! My mind mocked me.

Yes, the bloody Mr. Giant gave me two choices yesterday when I argued with him about the sleeping arrangement, either sleep on bed in the little cottage or go join dogs in wet sand and cement.

I was good enough to sleep on cold slab near the bed but knowing Mr. Giant, he wouldn't agree to any sane things.

"Ah! There you go. This is the nineteenth time you fell. Six more times and we can celebrate silver jubilee." I heard Mr. Giant mocking me from the bed still sleeping on his side.

Oh, he's having fun!

"You are awake?" I ignored his mock and asked surprised that he's still awake.

"Of course I am. You were doing bungee jumping from bed every ten minutes, how would you expect me to sleep, Lilliput." There he goes with his sarcasm.

"I'm not―"

"This is a big bed that can fit five people. I'm on my side taking place of two people and you are just so little like a small twig on the large land that you are not even counted as one whole person. So, basically you can play soccer here on bed and still you cannot reach my side. Stop worrying and sleep and yes, let me sleep too. Anyways, it would be good if you fall for me rather than falling from me" He stated with a playful tone still sleeping on his side with eyes closed.

Was he practicing cheesy lines on me?

And, Twig?

How does he get such great imaginations to give me different names?

First it was Lilliput, now I'm a twig. Later he may call me bacteria too coz they cannot be seen by naked eye.

Am I that short, seriously?

I slowly got up and got on the bed and covered myself with the thick duvet. It's so cold on this island at night.

"I'm not a twig, kind sir! I'm a well grown woman with enough frame to be noticed as an adult human being" I huffed out in annoyance.

"Keep telling yourself that and one day you might get convinced" He snickered turning towards me and looking at me with a playful look.

I will not let him have fun of my small frame.

"And by the way, you are just too much over built with heavy muscles, strong and big biceps, and huge wall of chest, that everything else seems small for you."

He's really a giant and if we are standing beside each other, it looks like I'm talking to

doing around me?" I heard a yell down from me. There she is with an infamous scowl.

I winked at her but didn't answer. She asked the same question again with a nudge. "Why are you asking me?"

"Then whom should I ask? You are the one who's holding me beyond personal space." She gritted out.

"Ask my hands" I answered and looked down at my arms around her. "Hey, my dear strong, steady and sexy arms, what are you doing around Lady Lilliput?" I asked looking at my arms with a playful tone trying to suppress my laugh.

"I was feeling afraid of dark so I caught that waist to relax." I said in a baby tone which made Lilliput pull her hair in anger.

"Thank you sexy arms for holding me, I was afraid of dark too. I love you around me. Came around any time you want." the waist... I mean I replied in baby tone.

"STOP!" Lilliput yelled making me laugh at her red face. She's fun when she's angry. I looked and winked at her and pecked her head when she was trying to get away from me.

DAMN! She's turning me on.

Finally after teasing her for half an hour and irritating her to my heart content, I released her and order to get ready within ten minutes.

"Let's go. We are already late and we... I mean you have very less time for preparing for Christmas masquerade party" I stated walking towards the waiting chopper followed by Lilliput.

"WHAT? Christmas party? It's day after tomorrow for God's sake. How am I going to do all the work in two days?"

"Well, if you would've not made a resignation drama yesterday, you would've had three valuable days." I winked and I know she's on the verge of punching me if she's that dare.

Trying her patience is fun.

Now I see how my Lilliput completes her work on time.

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