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Sienna point of view

"Okay, don't worry girl, I and Rick can manage for tonight. We'll tell everyone that you'll be staying at your master's tonight." Phoebe words relaxed me.

I'm not in the business of prostitution but it's being showed that I am. This is the only way that the two best people in my world could protect me from harm. The escort house has records of every girl and their customers for every day. My record shows that I'm a pleasure-ist to a night blindness person due to which I go to my customer in the morning rather than night.

"Thank you so much, Phoebe. I owe you a lot." I said telling her how lucky I am to have her.

"No need, honey. Remember there is no place for sorry and thanks in our friendship. But you should promise me that you won't be careless next time, okay?"

"Okay" I replied and nodded.

I know she is so worried for me. She is so caring for me and for everyone around her. She is the one who helped me to pursued my studies. She was trying to make me more responsible and more careful before she leave. Though, I felt so bad that she is leaving me, I know she deserves better.

"Are you there?" Her soft voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"Uh, yes, I am" I said. The island has good cool breeze which is helping me get relaxed which I need the most.

A change! Relaxation.

"But, I still didn't get why you went to that place when you should be getting your resignation sheet and coming here. Didn't you tell how he irritated you from past two days especially?" She queried but I didn't have answers to them myself.

Why would he reject to send my resignation?

Why would he want me to stay as his secretary?

"I don't know myself. He was all brooding and I-will-kill-you-if-you-utter-a-single-word sometimes and sometimes, he's like a little child who is a spoilt brat and wants attention. He literally threatened me push off from the chopper as I'm not his employee. Can you believe it. I almost had a cardiac arrest at his senseless actions." I sighed in frustration, pouring out my heartfelt to Phoebe.

Mr. Giant is playing with my senses!

"Sienna, dear, I think his actions weren't reflecting his intentions." She said in a thinking tone like she's trying to understand something.

Actions are not reflecting his intentions?

What does that mean?

"I didn't get you, Phoebe. What are you trying to tell?"

"I'm saying that he might not be that bad person. The world is not as bad as you think of Sienna. There would be tons of good people but the way people express their concern, kindness and care are different. 'I will kill you if you are out of my sight', doesn't always mean that man hates you. It may also mean that he is so concerned of you and afraid that something bad may happen to you if you are away" I heard her sniffing her tears from the other end.

Was she reminiscing something? I slightly have an idea that she loves her m

HE HELL is he talking?

My god why is he making me embarrassed more?

My lips? Strawberries?

Was it a compliment or was he angry at the thought that I ate something without giving him, knowing fully that he's a foodie?

Trying to change the topic from my strawberry lips and tomato face, "W-What are you doing in my room?" I asked trying to act strong but the kiss did many things to me.

Mr. Bianch was different. A good kind of different.

Why did he kiss me?

"You mean our room?" His words broke all the thoughts of our kiss.

Our room?

"What? It's my room. This particular room is allotted to me, sir." I exasperated at the thought of staying with him in a single room.

I looked at him expectantly for him to laugh and tell me that he is teasing me but I didn't find any humor on his obvious blank face.

"This, my Lilliput, is the only cottage fully constructed and equipped on this island which is mine and you are living in this room because I'm a very kind heart person. Now, go freshen up and come sleep." He said walking to the large bed in the middle of the room and laid on it patting the other side of the bed.

Only room?

That means I have to share it with Mr. Giant Devil?

"I'm not sharing a bed with you, sir. Like a gentleman you are, please escort yourself to the floor." I spoke trying to tame my nervousness.

He was trying to put a fa?ade that the kiss was nothing or it really was that great I don't know. At this moment, sharing a room is a lot and I don't want to lose my senses by sharing a bed with him.


"You, Lilliput, should know that the only reason I use ground is to walk on it, I am and will not sleep on floor nor are you sleeping there. It's a cold island and I don't want you to die on me with cold. So get you a** here and sleep on bed." He commanded with a hard tone that held no-more-arguments in it.

One night, one room, one bed and Mr. Bianchi, very dangerous!

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