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Sienna Point of view

That insensitive Sir Jerk!

He kept smiling and smirking to himself all over the air ride which made me feel like giving a piece of my mind.

Once we landed on the island, he suddenly became a gentleman like the channel in his system is changed.

How Multi-polar!

"This is where the individual cottages are. The cottages are differed in prices by locality. Sea side cottages are costly. Few small cozy cottages will be built on the other side in grasslands too." He explained proudly with a huge grin, while taking me around.

I looked around the area and noticed the series of cottages standing on the sea like stilt houses. Beautiful and tantalizing.

Though the place is under construction and the cottages are not completely furnished, it is giving a relaxation to my tired brain. The fresh unpolluted air mixed with sea odor is the best medicine, one requires at the time of depression.

So soothing!

"What do you think? Isn't it awesome?" Mr. Giant asked like a child waiting for compliments on his first achievement, disturbing my moment of oneness with the nature.

Why does he ask for my opinion? I'm just his ex-secretary-turned-ongoing again by force. He freaking tricked me to cancel the resignation. How cunning!

I'm such a stupid... Why would he let go of a high standard maid who submits to his psycho wills?

"It's good, sir." I gritted out trying to control my irritation. I'm locked with this psycho again. He will torture me again. Since I called him a jerk and whatnot, he may change my position from Bianchi's butler to Bianchi's bow-bow pet.

"You are my assistant and an assistant is the person who gives their genuine opinion for the growth of their company. Now I demand genuine opinion. Spurt out." Mr. Giant commanded like a king, catching me by my wrist pulling me to halt.

I took a deep sigh closing my eyes, readying myself to tell him few of opinions that may get him into angry freak.

"Since you are claiming for true opinion, The Island is completely accessible to every tourist, mainly the beach. I didn't like it. Couples and families are different. You find couples in inappropriate acts and positions on beach. Family contains kids too and they shouldn't be witnessing the erotic romance of couples. So I suggest that one side of the island should be accommodated for couples and the other for families." He went into his business mode thinking about the possibilities.

Kids go to beach to build sand castles and play around. I don't think they would be impressed when they see leeches sucking each other near their castles. Their innocence need to be armed for now.

And couples who come for romantic trip need their space too, not being cautious of who may encounter t

hy did it matter to me that my disobedient little secretary was not her usual self from past two days and went as far as to cheer her up which is not the usual me?

Hell I even took her to the island in the name of inspection, just to make sure she's relaxed in the arms of nature.


I don't know

The question of the millennium is, why I didn't ever think of getting her into my bed, like I do to every healthy walking young female pass by me. It's not like she's not attractive! She is the first girl that I ever... umm what was that term ― 'respect'. Yes, besides my grandma, the only girl I respected is Lilliput.

How very irony!

I made her go through hell, made her do weird odd jobs yet, I never touched her sexually other than few times teasing her for her precious reactions. Was it that I respect her? If yes, why?

I don't know

I didn't share the family history relating to the punishment room to anyone, except her. That room was prohibited to be entered other than family and a manservant to clean it up. Yet, she was there and I surprisingly didn't mind it. Why?

I don't know

She yelled at me, Leonardo Bianchi, who didn't get talked back in high voice and here, this girl yelled at me calling me jerk. Yet, I didn't mind it. I didn't took it to my heart and to my bafflement, I was concentrating on the task of getting the cheery Lilliput back.

I did because her ideas in business were fresh and profitable? I tried to convince myself with the reason; however, I didn't believe my own reasoning. It was as if I'm trying to prove myself something I don't want to.

Why the freaking I am like this?

I don't know

Now that I heard that we cannot fly back to city due to weather, I was pleased at the thought of being with her for few more hours. Why am I happy?

The answer is I DON'T KNOW.

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