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Sienna Point of view

What is he up to now?

What is the meaning of calling me to his mansion for getting those damned resignation paper?

His Mansion!

He knew that I don't want to be anywhere near his crazy mansion, then why did he call me there?

Moreover, the weird hard look he gave me while going away is still making me shudder in fear.

His look held a well fulfilling worth promise. Don't know for what but his eyes gave away nothing good. Not just his eyes his entire body language is giving me million's of hints to stay away from me.

But do I have a choice in this??

"I think he will kill me and bury me in his grounds. Since he owns the whole acres of land, no one would know where he buried me." I murmured pacing around in my room.

"But how would he kill me? Poison is a long process and can create evidence too. Hitting by a vehicle can be done but why would he wait till tomorrow morning when he could do that tonight while I left the office itself? W-would he choke me and wring my neck like you do to a chicken? That would be so brutal and he―"

"Calm down, Sienna" Phoebe, who was listening to my rambling, gave me a glass of water and made me sat on her bed.

When I entered her room barging the door, I saw her sitting on the floor with a suitcase next to her. If I am not wrong she was crying hugging an Armani coat. The moment she saw me she cleaned her tears and put the coat inside the suitcase and greeted me with a smile.

I wasn't sure what to say to her after seeing her cry. Why?

Shouldn't she be happy that finally she repaid her parents debt and she is going to get her freedom back?

She said that she is almost done packing and the rest of the things I can donate them to unfortunate kids once she left, if her lover doesn't take them back.

I once looked into her shelves and then her suitcase. Her shelves contains a lot of designer dresses, shoes, jewelry and make up, that anyone here would die to have. But in her suitcase she only has six to seven casual dresses, a pair of flat slippers, her purse, some photo frames, a coat and a few eatables. I felt like she is going to carry only a few memories from here.

I didn't know what to say to her and she beat me out by started talking random things and finally ended coming to my Bianchi sir.

My Bianchi?!

Seriously, what happened to me? Where did that come from?!

How can I call him mine!!!

"He is not going to kill you, you silly. If he wanted to do that, he would've done that long ago." She tried to pacify my heart which is racing in fear.

But the look he gave me was... deadly!

"But he―" I started yet again to justify my fear.

"No, don't but me. You called him a jerk and I think it's his silly revenge to make you work for your resignation. That's it. Tomorrow you go, get your document signed, wave a goodbye and return happily and start searching for a new job. Hope you have a bright future ahead of you and love of your life always next to you" She said stroking my hair soothingly.

One of these days I'll become bald thanks to all the tension that Giant is giving me.

"You think so? he will not kill me?" I asked for assurance.

"No silly, he will not." She assured me and patted my shoulder.

"Oh Phoebe, what am I going to do when you go away!" I hugged her and cried in her arms.

What am I going to do without her?

"You will be fine. " She returned my hug and rubbed my back affectionately.

"No, I won't be. Will you come here to visit me every now and then?" I asked her giving my puppy dog face.

She thought for a few seconds and said "No, I can't. But I will try to contact you once I settled down in a new place. Now smile for me?" She asked me warmly and I gave her my most brightest smile ever.

I smiled for her but I will be all alone again once she goes away.

That night, I cried

be sold in tribal market that I mailed you and send it to the accounts department for the quotation verifications" He ordered me while looking at his phone, like nothing happened just now.

I am stuck with him yet again!

Such great fate I brought with myself!

Leonardo Point of view


Like hell I would let her!

HAHAHAHAHA. Her pale face when I was pretending to throw her out of the moving plane is worth a photograph.

That was so funny.

And the way she tried to remind me that she's my secretary is hilarious!

She will not leave this job ever. She is good at her job and somehow I trust her with confidentiality so never ever will I let her go.

This grass eating Lilliput could never get rid of me with her tiny brain!!! I wouldn't let it hapeen!

My business needs someone like her.

My business needs her.

It's because of my business.

'Keep telling yourself that and one day I might believe you' My conscience mocked me.

I just need her for my business and that's it - I huffed.

The past two days, I observed her to be zoned out every now and then and there's this sadness in her eyes that I thought she lost someone dear to her.

Who might it be? Boyfriend?

Does she have one?

Is he handsome?

Many questions swarmed inside me but I kept them to myself and tried to cheer her up.

My grandmother use to say that I'm like a light in dark night. I can cheer up anyone with my bright smile and kind heart. My grandma's words, not mine.

Lilliput was so in to her sorrow that she lost her concentration on work and made many mistakes in my schedule and documents. But I never reminded them to her and tried to divert her mind.

I made her do difficult odd jobs, tried to divert her mind to our encounter in my office when I'm naked. I tried to take advantage of the situation and reminded her about my awesome body but of no use.

It's like Lilliput is against the concept of positivity

So, I had to go to the lengths of teasing her in a perverted way but I didn't expect the patient Lilliput to loose her control and resign.

I don't know why but I felt a stinging pain when the thought of not seeing her ever again crossed my mind.

It's because my business needs her, right?

I was bothered when she was walking like a dead those past two days but leaving the job made me feel the pain I never felt before.

I brushed off the feeling and thought about only one thing – How to make her stay.

And I did it.

I am Leonardo Bianchi and if I want something, I get it no matter what or who it is.

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