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Sienna Point of View

He's such a devil!

He's a Satan.

A Giant Satan with big horns more dangerous than any other satan in Disney movies.

I heard he is one of the richest men in the world. The list of businesses he own is more than the hair I have on my scalp!

If it is really true as it is mentioned in the international business magazines, then why he is not busy round clock?

If it's true then can't he just let me be? But no, he finds special time from his tight schedule to torture me.

With a smirking look on his arrogant face he often visits my desk and then start to make me...

Hmmm... I meant make remarks on me!

Eww! What happened to me? Why am I talking in double meaning, like he was from the day I saw his naked glory.

He now got a bell near my desk and ordered me that I should be present in his cabin with in 25 seconds of the bell rang.

What am I?

A clown?

A puppet?

Or both.!

I tried to suggest him that I am not a cat and I don't need a bell but he said he is too busy to lift a phone and call me through intercom. He even dared to say, why to use the mouth when fingers could do the magic!!


And he added few more tasks in my profile.

1. Food taster – He said I should at least eat five spoons of every variety of food that his most trusted driver Mr. Paris bring to me and if the food is as per his standards then only I should make him a plate.

2. His personal bodyguard - According to him, he is the most valuable treasure in the world. So, I should try my level best to protect him from the nonsense. Like, yesterday one of his Ex came here and he used me as a shield and made her believe he is head over heals with his secretary, which is me, protecting himself from her unnecessary nuisance.

I am already in a deep sorrow that my best friend, whom am I joking, My only friend, Phoebe is leaving in less than a week and now I have to bear his torture too. If I have to speak in Phoebe's language, he was being a pain in a** from the past two days like he's given a special glucose just to torment me.

Such a donkey!

Besides Rick our manager, who is like a sole brother to me, Phoebe is the only one that was always with me in my hard times. She's like my sister who taught me many things about this brutal world and protected me many times too. She is too soft-hearted.

Hope she doesn't have to encounter devil like my boss in her upcoming life.


for me to have dreamy thoughts about you. You are just my boss and the only reason I was bearing every challenge you threw at me was just because I am trying to have a good professional experience. But this is it. You have crossed all the limits of perverted torture and I will not bear anything like this again." I yelled at him and handed over the resignation letter to him that I prepared long back in case I would need it in dire situations like this.

I am not taking sh*t like this again. I will find a better job and better boss.

He was better before when he made me do silly odd jobs. But slowly, don't know what happened, he started being perverted to me.

But he was being a dignified pervert.

Such an irony!

I looked at him taking the resignation letter from my hand and walking out of my cabin towards his personal elevator.

"You need to sign the resignation paper to let me go, sir" I yelled from behind remembering the Company rules and speed walked towards him in hurry.

No, If he doesn't sign it, I will be stuck with him for some more time and that is exactly what I don't want right now as I have many things in my plate to deal with.

"I am a busy jerk, as you call me, Ms. Lilliput! Get the signed paper tomorrow from my mansion. I would be leaving to the island at ten tomorrow morning so come to the mansion grounds if you want your paper signed or forget about it." He declared with a grim expression and a curt nod and went away in to the closing elevator.

He was having a good long chat with me from five minutes but he's busy to sign a damn paper?

What is he planning now?!

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