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Leonardo Point of view:


How can Chicken gravy on pizza taste so good? This is the best combination ever and I will not get tired of having it every day.

Oh and how can I miss white wine. Having a sip of white wine along with Chicken gravy pizza is heaven.

I licked the spoon which is full of gravy and had another piece of pizza. Don't call me a foodie, but I love to eat and try different combos.

Those loose minded people say "Love is the most delicious feeling in the world" fools they all are!

If they ask, I say "Easting delicious food is the best feeling in the world"

I have a fetish for delicious food and don't matter about the quantity I eat. I just devour it.

I always tried to put my weakness as secrets so no one knows about it. Not even the Paparazzi who will die for my every details, not even closest of my close friends know about it. Only my trusted driver Paris, knew it as he always brings me delicious food of new varieties from every new restaurant or even road side food as per my taste and mood.

Umm Yummy!

I don't like sharing my food with others so I always had my meal alone so that I can have all the food I can.

I was devouring the last piece of pizza layered with a lot of gravy and spicy sauce, when the greasy content fell on my blazer and shirt giving them a dark oily red mark.

Ah Shit!

I completed the last piece immediately and went towards the wardrobe in my office. I keep extra clothes here in office for sudden uses like now.

I looked over in the wardrobe and found three Armani suits neatly ironed and hanged to the rail.

"Hello, Bianchi's here, who is on the line?" I heard Lilliput's voice from the other side of the phone.

Doesn't she look at the number before accepting it?

"Lilliput! Next time look at the number code from where the call is from." I grumbled annoyed at her.

I heard a series of dignified profanities which seemed to be muffled. I would've roared in laughter at her words if not I was in a grumpy mood right now.

"S-orry sir." She mumbled slowly.

"Do not allow anyone into my room for ten minutes, Understood?" I ordered and cut the call without hearing her answer.

This girl is such a clumsy Lilliput!

I like to threaten her every now and then to keep her in place.

Morning I told I will kill her if she is even a second late to office. She opened her mouth wide in shock before nodding her head and said she would never dare to come late.

Why nowadays my mind casually slipping into her thoughts?

Going into the attached washroom, I cleaned myself and came out into my cabin with a towel hung low on my waist.

I took off the towel and was about to wear my boxers when I heard the door of my cabin open.

"Sir, you need to check out these quotations right now." She walked in without looking at me.

Time stopped still when she slowly dragged her eyes from files she holding to my butt naked body with a terrified look.

What the Hell!

Ahh! Lilliput, I will dip you into a spoon of sauce and eat you today!!

You dare to peek on my naked body?

Sienna Point of View:

W-What sin have I ever done to anyone that I had to go through such awkward shameless situations?

I looked at the s

e sexiest six pack hard rock body ever" Daisy said licking her lips probably imagining things with him.

"Ahhhh! Ahhh! Oh my god! Oh my god! She is so lucky" All the girls gigged at once.

"No! No! Erica is lying...Mr. Bianchi had eight packs not just six" I was about to put the facts in front of them but then I realized if I tell they would know I had seen the boss N - Naked.

So it's better to keep my mouth shut and let them their wrong gossips.

"You know, Erica made me promise not to tell anyone that she saw Mr. Bianchi's sexy Angel wings tattoo on his back." Daisy said proudly.

"Oh, bless her almighty. That lucky girl" Maggie said with dreaming look.

Who is this Erika girl again? Why is she always lying?

"Boss Giant has the most alluring, sexy pitch fork tattoo on his back, not the angel wings!" I huffed under my breathe and continued chewing my food all the time.

They are all wrong gossiping!

They don't know facts at all.

His abs are like strong mountains not just like WWE players as they are thinking!

I clearly remembered I saw few hours ago.

I shook my head violently to stop my stream of thoughts about the scene that happened. No, I'll not let him consume my thoughts.

He is dangerous and his thoughts are risky. I need to maintain my distance from him.

How can I face him tomorrow after what happened a while ago!

I quickly left the office sending a text to Mr. Bianchi that I'm sick and took a cab to reach the place I reside. This place is so bad that I can't call it a home.

I dragged my feet towards my room being physically and mentally exhausted when I stopped in my tracks after hearing to Rick, which left me feel like crying in grief.

"You are free from this profession by next week Phoebe. You paid the debt of your parents in these thirteen years and now you are free to go anywhere you want and do anything you like."

My only best friend/ family is leaving me here alone in this hell...

Should I be happy for her that she got an opportunity that I would never get or sad that my only family is leaving me?

A lone tear drop from my eye.

Is it a happy one or a sad one?

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