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An Italian's Virgin Escort By Lady Prim Characters: 12710

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Leonardo Point of View:

She's not like the other girls.

She smelled different...Innocent.

The moment I found her in my 'Family Punishment room', I was so tempted to punish Lilliput for sneaking into my family.

She now knows a secret that outside world never knew about me, us...about my family.

I dragged her in and locked in the room. She might not have noticed but I used the automatic remote lock in one of the cupboards to close the door and the dumb head believed my cock and bull story of security coming and release us from our room.

Lilliput shivered and sweated seeing the full glory of the room. I suddenly got a feeling to make her familiarize with the room.

In my way...

I don't know how, why, when it started but she's fun. Fun to be with, Fun to play with, Fun to talk with and Fun to tease.

To tease her, I was so itchy to do especially when I see a little of her little cleavage through her cleaning outfit. She really needs to grow up in some parts especially. Lilliput is really little, Skinny but still I was so tempted to touch her and smell her and so I did it with one reason or the other.

To test her, Her loyalty towards me. She is my PA. A very close associate of mine! So, she should learn how to confide my secrets into herself and better not cheat me on my back! The more she is in my good looks, the more it is good for her.

To know her more than I should know- And I learned it. She would've taken advantage of being locked inside a room and seduce me to bed. She would've trapped me, but she didn't.

She genuinely seemed uninterested in me and somehow that interested me. She didn't try to be close to me. On the contrary, when I made the attempt of being close to her, she didn't let me occupy her personal space.

But damn, she looked... good in a confined room with me with a scared look. She looked... beautiful.

At one point I thought I would lose control over myself, so I did opened the door. She's a good type of danger to be careful with.

After making her wash my laundry, I dragged her to accompany me to a lunch meeting with Niccolo.

The small meeting is to discuss about the restaurants and food courts for my new resort project in the island.

Since Lilliput is an expert in environmental issues, she can tell her views about the restaurants patterns there. Though I don't like considering so high for someone's knowledge who are under me, I can't help but include Lilliput in this since she does give few good ideas which are profitable.

We reached to one of Niccolo's multi-cuisine restaurant and went towards VIP cabin which is reserved only for Niccolo.

While going towards the cabin, I noticed Lilliput playing with her fingers yet again and walking at least two feet away from me. This was the case from morning after she left our family punishment room. She keeps on getting nervous when she's alone with me or when we are together and this is getting on my nerves for God knows why.

Was she so scared of my family history?

But it was true. Glad she didn't hear how my dad used that room to its fullest, or else she would've disappeared far away from here.

We reached the cabin and Niccolo was already waiting for us. That Idiot is my high school classmate and he was there for my every good and bad and vice versa. We took the throne of our respective empires at the same time. My Grandma was a good friend of his grandma, Rose. Niccolo was never a happy kid at our early ages but now he can't wipe off the smile out of his face for years. It's not that I am jealous of him but I don't like the reason which makes him happy. He owned a bloody mistress which makes him happy all the time and he is a way too possessive about her. I might have get rid of her before as I don't like that kind of chic

started drawing patterns there with her fingers.

"And i'm more than happy that you are my mistress. Only my mistress. Mine." I kissed her proving her who is she and whom she belonged to. I love to kiss her, her kisses makes me heal my loneliness and I discovered that when I first met and kissed her, when I was eighteen when she thanked me for not taking her virginity too harshly.

And yes sweet sixteen she was, She thought kissing is what taking virginity is. I laughed my heart out for the first time but she glared me and called me mad for laughing at her that day. But now after thirteen years my chocolate learned everything from me to pleasure me. I never had s*x with her because I always made love to her.

"Oh, Then why didn't you call me all the week when you went to your business trip? I called you but you didn't even call me back." She pouted, She only had authority to be pampered by me.

"You called me? When?" I asked confused.

"I called you when you were in meeting. I thought you would call me when your secretary told you about it but you didn't." My chocolate pouted and hid her face in chest.

She called me?

I immediately called my secretary and fired her for not connecting my chocolate's call. I gave her special orders at the starting of her job that she need to connect my chocolate's call whenever she calls. But she defied me and she will pay for it.

"What are you doing? Why are you doing it? You were in conference so she didn't connect it. Please don't do it to her." Chocolate pleaded

"No one. I said, no one will keep me away from you. Anyways, see what I got you from France." I said and took out the specially made Jade studded platinum necklace. She looked at it and looked at me as if she wants to lash out.

"Why do you always get these stuff for me? You know I don't like them." She yelled at me and walked over to the chair and wore her robe.

I chuckled at her behaviour and back hugged her from back bringing out her real gift.

Her favorite chocolates...

She gasped and giggled happily after seeing basket full of different flavour chocolates and took it away me. She sat on the bed Indian style and started looking at all the chocolates and trying to decide what to eat first. I unwrapped one and put it in her mouth and she smiled at me with so much adoration. As always she shared her chocolate with me, mouth to mouth.

That was most delicious!

How am I so lucky to have this girl in my life!

I wish time stops here and let us be happily together.

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