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An Italian's Virgin Escort By Lady Prim Characters: 7555

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Sienna Point of View:

"Seems like you found your final destination" I heard the whisper which made me shiver in the extreme fear. I quivered by his sudden voice. In the fraction of seconds the lights were on but it didn't give any white brightness to the room. The room was dim lighted and gave the place an extreme violent aura.

"Finally, the bird is in the cage" I heard the same voice buzzed in my ear. It was my boss, Leonardo.

Mr. Giant!

'No, Sienna. Don't be afraid. He won't harm you' I chatted to myself around the terrifying surroundings.

"I-came for detergent" I tried to explain him in the midst of my stuttering, which made him smirk. I tried to find the way out past him but his gaze pinned me where I am.

I turned my gaze to other direction trying just to avoid him but I find this room scarier now in the dim lighting with his creepy presence. The straps and belts, handcuffs and needles in the cupboards, a bed with a gold lining and other weird looking tools made me wish to run away from this room.

Why is he looking at me creepily at me?!

I followed my heart or the brain - Blast it! Whatever it is and went to the direction of the door running past him. To my utmost horror, the door closed just before I escape out through it. I tried to open it by twisting the knob again and again but it didn't.


Why did the door close?


My shivering body turned to face him, "Oops! 'My Family Traditional Punishment room' door closes every now and then. It will open once the security notice me missing, maybe an hour or so." He whispered to my utter dismay, keeping his hand on the small cupboard which is attached to the bed.

Traditional Punishment Room?

Is that even a room?

" Family Traditional Punishment Room? Did your grandpa locked you here to punish?" I braved and asked him the first question came in my mind.

Please don't kill me!

He smiled at me but that smile was not a happy one nor is it a sad one. The smile is of Mr. Known-all attitude one.

"Yes, he did but not me. He used to lock my grandma here, Lilliput." He replied in his dark husky voice.

Oh Dear Jesus Christ!

"W_ Wh_ Why?" I shivered and questioned him. Regretting my bravery, I took few steps back and unknow

be happy for his grandpa's loyal love or should I be terrified for the way he showed it?

"So, thi-s room is used by you grandpa for – umm- you know, loving?" I tried to frame the sentence as dignified and polite as I can.

"Haha, no. This room is made by great grandfather, Salvestro Bianchi the great." He said with mirth oozing from him.

"F- For?"

"You see, my great grandparents are quite adventurous."He winked at me.



I gasped at the sudden realisation that stuck me.

Mr. Giant chuckled at my comic reaction. "You know what, Lilliput-"He slowly took steps towards me making me retreat back "This room is just for family. It holds different type of stories. My great grandpa used it for pleasure" I was blocked by him by the bed side near the attached cupboard.

Just for family! Then what am I doing here!

I should be far far far away!

"My grandpa upgraded the equipment here and used it for his love, as a punishment room, " His face was just an inch away from me which made my legs go jelly.

Upgraded equipment?

You imbecile, is it an IT company to update the past version!

"My father used it for a total different reason on my mom" He smirked and his lips started descending down to mine. I gulped at the indecent proximity between our bodies and was praying for a miracle to happen and it happened.

Finally, the door opened.

I took lung full of breath and ran away from that creepy room slipping from under his hands.

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