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Sienna point of view

Can't a human being have her deserved sleep after long hours of running at work!

I was hoping to have a good peaceful sleep but why would I ever have a simple wish fulfilled? Mr. Giant is always at the intersection between me and my peace. He freaking called me at 4 AM and ordered me to be at his office right at 5 AM. Why? I have no idea.

So, I collected my barely rested body and fought against myself to get ready and be at his office right on time. I seriously had to run on roads like a batch of Police dogs are chasing me.

"S-sir - I'm- here on--- time." Sienna came into my cabin panting for air.

When I finally collected myself, I looked to see Mr. Giant smirking at me. Opposite to him sat a handsome man who was looking at me weirdly.

He must be Mr. Giant's friend, looking at how comfortably he sat before the arrogant devil but his looks made a chill run along my spine.

No it was not a dirty look. That man was looking at me as if he knew me.

He looked confused.

Mr. Giant cleared his throat breaking our little staring competition. "Niccolo, this is my PA Lillipu- I mean Ms. Miller." Mr. Giant introduced me and I just bowed my head to the person Niccolo.

Niccolo, after giving me a weird look, stood up and went away leaving me with the Giant devil.

Niccolo's look made me so awkward. It was as if he was trying to recognize me and it scared me.

Does he- by any chance knows who I am?

Mr. Giant stood up from his seat and came towards me with powerful strides.

Why is he in his clean office attire this early morning, I wonder?

"Come with me. Your work is not here." He announced at walked past me like a king.

"Sir- its just 5 in the morning, what work do you have for me?" I cried out feeling the need to rest my limbs. I was so tried yesterday by all the cleaning and running and today he called me for work this early?

Can he ever be a human being for once? If not, can he at least try to be one!

He didn't reply me and opened the passenger door for me to get in. I got in with thought that it might be important business work that he needs me this early.

Hope he tries to use me as a PA for what he is paying me for.

The car ride was a long one and he didn't utter a word all through the ride. But once in a while he did glance at me with fe

I think this is a store room. Hmph!

It was so dark and gloomy and the door of the room is huge. There's a dragon knocker on it. It felt weird and scary being there.

The dark eerie hallway gave me quite a scare and this huge room is adding another bout of nervousness.

I slowly pushed the door with shivering hands slowly. I was breathing heavily at the sudden bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. The door screeched and opened a little. I used the torch light my phone and entered the room shivering in fear.

But the fear I felt till now was nowhere near what I'm feeling now. My steps halted and my breathing came out heavily. I paled and gulped at the sight at what I was seeing.

There are many shelves of knives and needles of all sizes, a bed with cuffs and iron links attached to it. Iron chains are hanging to a hanger at the corner of the room. Another huge hanger contains long ropes of all sizes and few needle embedded ropes.

Many sizes of spears and iron balls are placed against the wall behind the door.

Are they for javelin throw and shot-put games?!

The far corner of the room is filled with leather straps and belts. Few leather belts are embedded with needles. There are four shelves of weird looking tools and its my first time seeing something like that.

It looks like a modern equipped torture room.

It was, simply to put, a room of hell.

I shuddered like a person who have Neuro-related problems.

"Seems like you found your final destination" I heard his whisper which made me shiver in extreme fear.

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