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Sienna Point of view

"What happened Sienna, why are there rashes all over body? And those blue marks on your legs, what happened dear?" Phoebe gasped looking at my tired state on bed.

Oh where do I start from Phoebe? I was being decently tortured Mr. Giant, I said to myself sighing in pain.

When Mr. Giant asked me to find the ball that he hit, in those lush never-ending acres of land, it took me few minutes to mentally prepare for a painful body and a night with no peace.

His warning terrified me to no end so I sprinted immediately to find the ball. I looked hard for fifty minutes but I couldn't find anything. I was so exhausted and was very close to fainting. When I told him that there is no ball in almost six kilometers of land I searched, He grinned evilly at me and said something that brought tears from my eyes.

'Ah Ms. Lilliput, I didn't realize how bad my golf skills are. See, I didn't hit the ball at all. Oh dear, I need to practice the game a lot. Don't you think so?' He fake-dramatically said.

And here I am sprawled on the bed with heavy body pains and light red rashes on my body for lot of physical stress I had.

I sighed looking at phoebe who is examining my tired body "It's nothing Phoebe. I'm just so tired due to work. I was appointed as a PA to our CEO and it's a hell lot of work to cope up with." I half-lied since I don't want her to worry about me.

"Are you sure you are okay? Shall I bring hot water to sooth itching sensation from those rashes?"

"No, that okay I already had few medicines and a good nap will be enough" I said but Phoebe looked unconvincing. I gave an assuring smile and she returned with a look call-me-if-are-not-well and went out of my room switching off the lights.

Ha, what a day I had! I hope I have a considerably good day tomorrow.

Well I can only hope for good. I hope Mr. Giant is blessed with a good heart overnight and treat me like a human being from tomorrow. With that thought, I slumped into a deep dreamless s

to tell me.

"Did anyone of them ask you for a favor or a definite relationship or anything beyond what you offer like those girls who you meet at clubs and take home?" He asked me with a knowing smile.

No, these personal mistresses are not greedy. Many of them are not. Their company provide them with comfortable life so many of them enjoy with what they have. That's how those companies train them.

"Frankly speaking- No" I sighed and started to understand where this conversation is leading.

"That's it. These personal mistresses just take the remuneration for the job they did. No more No less. Mistress or not. Decent or not, we need a person to have a peaceful conversation about everything and anything without being cautious and suspicious. If I find such person in my mistress then what's wrong in it"

His words hit me like a tornado.

Having a person beside you to have a talk who doesn't care who you are?

Is it possible to find a person who doesn't care about my riches and wealth? Everyone I met till now is pretentious, who are only concerned about diamonds and rubies I give.

Can a person like Niccolo suggesting exists in the present greedy world?

Can I have such person in my life?

Is there someone like that for me?

"S-sir - I'm- here on--- time." Sienna came into my cabin Panting for air.

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