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Sienna Point of view

Why is this not going?

This is the fourth time I'm scrubbing Mr. Giant-Bianchi's toilet and still the dirt is not going. It's like it is stuck there with super gum.

Huh! So much for being a Nature-Gandhian.

I didn't think that being a personal assistant to CEO can be this unbearable.

When I heard the news of being a PA to Mr. Giant, I was scared. I was a bit happy for my sudden promotion but I was freaking scared.

At first I was so confused, as to why he wants me as his PA but then again I thought he must be impressed by little speech in meeting and was impressed by it.

So, not to disappoint him on the first day itself, I went to the main office building, to start my work. I was so giddily happy to do my work and went and knocked on his cabin door this morning.

When I went inside the room, I expected some professional high-level company paperwork but I got surprise of my life when he asked me to clean his office.

He freaking asked me to clean his cabin!

He gave me a look of you-better-follow-what-I-say, and I gulped in fear when he gave me cold, emotionless expression.

I wanted to protest but I couldn't, seeing his glaring eyes. His looks towards me from morning are mixture of amusement, evil, slyness and something akin to soft.

When I finally gathered a bit of courage and asked him why I am doing all the cleaning when I'm his PA, the answer he gave me raged me to no end.

"You are not just my PA Ms Lilliput. You are also an 'Anti-Bacterial and Bioindicator of Bianchi companies'."

Did he just call me Lilliput?!

Am I that short?

Oh wait!

The sophisticated name he gave for my cleaning services is this?

Anti-Bacterial and Bioindicator?!

If I tell the title of my job to people, they would definitely misinterpret it as a high-level and a healthy position. But all I was doing under that name was cleaning Mr Giant's bathroom.

How I wished that after a lot of struggle in my life that I would get a worthy job and see what I got.

When he so gracefully told my position name, he was smirking at me and by the ways his eyes and roaming around the room and on me, I knew that he is planning something else for me.

Oh Jesus! What have I gotten myself into!

I was continuously cursing my fate to be a fun-play to Mr. Giant devil, when he came into his personal bathroom and started inspecting everything.

I stood up with a toilet brush in my hand, my hair disheveled, dress wet with many folds and face with River Sweat.

I, in short, looked like a president of street bathrooms cleaning association.

He looked around and approving look took place on his blank face. Once he finished his inspection, he scrunched his nose I disgust and looked at me.

"Go, have a good bath and be ready in fifteen minutes. You are accompanying me to the golf club." He stated with a disgusted look and went out.

What would you expect me to be after four long hours of cleaning you bathroom Mr. Giant?!

A freaking garland of scented lilies and roses?!

I controlled my disturbing emotio

ns and went to the employee washroom to get ready for one more sadistic adventure by Mr. Devil Giant.

I showered, dressed and got ready in fifteen minutes and went to his cabin. When I knock and went inside, I saw him working on his laptop. When his eyes landed on me, he stood up and motioned me to follow him.

He took to the leather couch filled with sports supplies. He motioned his hand towards them but I didn't understand what he is trying to say.

Seeing my confusion, he released a frustrated sigh "Carry them and follow me" He said curtly.


"But-s-sir, all of them?"

"Of course. Why would I take trouble to keep them here if not for use? Now just shut up and carry them. They are expensive so if one item drops down, I'll drop you from this floor."

His threat somehow sounded so real and convincing that I hurried myself to complete the said task. I am one puny woman carrying the large golf kit of bats of all variety from small size to large, a head-cover, Kneecaps, and boxes of balls.

I followed him to the awaiting limo while people around gave me pity looks.

I pity myself too!

The ride to the golf fields took just twenty minutes, which by the way, was spent silent. He had his signature scowl on his Giant face while looking through his phone and I tried to keep my raging worries and fear to myself, silently praying for a miracle to save me.

When we arrived at the fields, the driver opened his side of the door and Mr. Giant went inside without bothering to look at me. It took me ten minutes to manage everything to carry and another ten minutes to find him in the huge fields.

"You are too slow for a PA, Lilliput. I don't encourage tardy employees in Bianchi Empire. Get your wits straight if you want to keep this job." He bellowed angrily and that gave me a shiver of fear.

I was no doubt scared of him but his bipolar attitude towards me is a complete horror movie to me.

How can I escape from his vicious hold? Will it be possible to leave this job?

But the Mr. Giant I came to know is too vengeful to let a person live in peace unless he wanted to.

Will I be able to land a decent job if I leave here?

Mr. Devil Giant will definitely make me go jobless with his extreme influence.

"Ms. Lilliput, Can you please put you mind boggling fairy tales aside for a while and do the job I'm paying for?" He stated irritated, motion me towards the wide golf fields.

What does he mean?

I again, for the tenth time today, looked confused towards him and motioned his hand towards the wide acres of green fields "Go, get the ball I've just shot"


I need to get the small ball he shot?

I looked at the never-ending lengths of green fields and looked at Mr. Giant pleadingly.

"B-but sir, it's―"

"Now don't get me angry and sprint towards the right side there, where I shot. If I like the work here, I would give you one more respectable position in Bianchi's. 'A Golf-athlete of Bianchi companies'."

And for the infinite time today, I felt like fainting and running away from this world.

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