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Sienna point of view:

He is the Boss?

I advised about importance of nature and safety to my own boss? How can I be so stupid and careless to just go around announcing my knowledge? I heard he is a devil in human form and a ruthless person. What will happen to me now?

Today's meeting was quite confusing as he taunted me, yes. But I expected him to kill me or torture me like I heard few unrealistic rumors about him. But instead he just taunted me.

Why am I getting a feeling that this is a silence before storm?

But how much ruthless he maybe, he look so handsome. What a height like a God, what a face with little spiky beard, what an aura – powerful and dominating. He's a pure festival to one's eyes.

But I know better than to admire and let this little admiration take another level. I'm not a normal girl. I have a secret life that a proper disgust a lot. I have no right to dream about love. I have no reason to imagine a person to like me.

I have no identity!

"What are you thinking about Sienna?" Phoebe, a twenty nine years old escort here in this escort house, asked me narrowing her eyes.

Besides the east wing manager Rick, only phoebe knows about me being secretly working a decent job out there.

Phoebe is a prostitute no doubt, but she is a sweetheart. When I was dumped here at the age of sixteen, I don't know anything. Why I am here, what is going on, I don't know anything. I was an innocent, na?ve girl who doesn't know anything outside my little world and Phoebe was so gracious enough to tell me everything and explain everything in detail.

I was disgusted at myself at first for being here, in this house. But Phoebe's like an elder sister that tried every chance to help me settle here.

Now when I came to know many ladies here, I was not disgusted but proud of them that they took the hardest step in their life to live rather than being a coward and end their lives.

Even though I have many nightmares about this place, about my past, about my brother, I am trying to get past them and help these ladies to attain a decent life they always wanted.

"My boss" I answered Phoebe when I felt her shaking me.

"Your boss? Is he handsome?" She asked wiggling her eyebrow.

I looked up at her suddenly trying to know where she's going on with this conversation. "Yes he is. And a devil too." I said vaguely to kill her curiosity.

"And yet you are daydreaming about him?" She raised a brow completely into the topic.

"No I am not. You know I cannot because I don't deserve anyone."

"And you should know that you are the one who deserves everything and everyone out of all the girls here." Phoebe retorted.

I was about to counter back when I heard a loud yelling from outside my room. We slowly went towards the opened it slightly to see what is happening.

I shivered in fear when I saw the same creepy man who tried many times to force himself upon me and tried a lot to get a chance in my bed from months.

He was having a heated argument with Rick.

"Whenever I come here to have her, she, bloody is booked? I want Sienna Thomas in my bed." That creepy man yelled at Rick but Rick on the other hand is standing firmly with dominance and power.

"Sir, she is booked by a very powerful person so I cannot help you have her for a night. She's currently in her room with her customer. If you want to get sued by that person and lose your membership here, then I have no problem. Please go in and check yourself" Rick said in a voice void of any emotions.

I felt tears trickle down my eyes. What have I done to deserve this? I just wanted a good stable life and here I am fighting against dangerous demons every minute.

Phoebe slowly closed the door and gave me a glass of water to calm me. I drank it and sat down on my bed waiting for that creepy man to go away. I heard lot of yelling outside and when I thought they are

seized, I heard two pairs of footsteps coming towards my room.

I didn't know what to do. I was hyperventilating with the thought of what if he opens the door and finds out that I'm not with a client but with my best friend.

Just as the footsteps stopped outside my door, Phoebe suddenly moaned loudly.

I looked at her petrified yet thankfully for what she's doing for me. She let out a series of fake moans and groans.

"Are you kidding me! It's a woman who is moaning and groaning! I can hear two women but not a man, your client as you put in. Let me in! And prove it!" We heard the creepy man yelling at Rick.

My heart stopped beating with panic and then I felt Phoebe touching my hands giving me reassurance.

"Yes Sir! You are right! It is woman and she is our client too! Apparently, we started welcoming woman pleasuring woman here! And the client who sienna handling now is a top most business woman in New York." We heard Rick replied him in his rough tone.

Phoebe started covering her mouth with hand to stop her laughter and I am still wide eyed and was stiff like a statue after what I heard.

Me and Phoebe are couple? Or Item?

"You mean Lesbo!!" The confused creepy man asked Rick as we heard from the keyhole.

"Yes sir! Apparently it is the new trend and very profitable line of business here and If you want you can go and check to prove your point." Rick replied him

"Bullsh*t" The man screamed and said "I don't want a Lesbian! Get me my usual naughty girl!!" He shouted and left.

When we finally heard the footsteps retreat from out of my door, I heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Phoebe gratefully for helping me out.

"Uh! Don't thank me again because you are like my little sister and I will help you again if I can. So don't thank me and go to sleep as you have office tomorrow." She said and got up from the bed and opened the door.

Rick entered my room at the same time as phoebe was going out. I ran towards him and hugged him thanking him. He did not hug me back but I can see the slight warm glint in his eyes for me. He looked at me for few seconds and when he thought I'm fine, he went out of my room giving me the order to lock my door securely.

Though Rick is an emotionless person like he shows to everyone, he is a very good person in heart for me. He is like a brother who managed me when I hit the rock in life and took me in.

I slept that night with many thoughts few bad and few worse in mind.

The next morning was same as usual. I did not had any sleep like every other day as I woke up from sleep many times because of my horrid nightmares. As usual I dreamt about my brother's bloody dead body from years ago and cried a lot for my loss.

He was my only family and I was left alone after he was murdered in cold blood.

Shoving my bad memories aside I made my way towards office in a hope to have a peaceful day. But alas God has something really big against me as I received a most dreadful news when I reached there.

When I stepped into the office, I saw Liya ran to me and gave me a bunch of flowers and congratulated me. I looked at her confused as to why she's congratulating me. Me, out of all the people in this building.

By question was answered with many more congratulations from Mr. Davis, my team members and other colleagues.

Mr Davis must've noticed my stiff confused state so he answered the question swamping in my brain from few minutes.

He smiled at me and said "Congratulations Ms Miller, Mr Bianchi must be very impressed by you that he appointed you as his personal assistant till this island project is over." He dropped the bomb on me.

I'm his assistant now? But he hated me right. He looked at me with so much hate in the meeting and also scolded me. Then why did he order for me as his personal assistant?

I'm afraid that I'm going to see worst of days further in my life.

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