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Sienna Point of View

After telling what I wanted to, I tilted my head up slowly to look at him and by god's almighty grace, what I saw make me gasp. The person who stood before me was no human. He was a gigantic-Greek God-model for sun kissed rough skin.

He looks absolutely an alien for all ugly human races. He looks beyond vocabulary-ly handsome.

I looked at the deep sea blue eyes which somehow reminds me of the owner of the car to whom I blabbered about natural resources and its importance.

Is he the same person?

The way his eyes are showering me with fire balls, seems like I made a person mad for twice today.

And now here I am, doing the same job of giving him the free knowledge about smoking.

Why can't I keep my mouth shut, seriously!

I gulped audibly when he looked dead into my eyes like he is planning hundred and one ways to kill me. Mr. Greek God started stalking towards me in dangerously slow steps.

I was afraid of the way he's looking at me and stalking me. His aura was dark and his stance was like a predator. I stepped back slowly as he was coming and just like that, my back touched the metallic walls of the elevator.

He was so close that I cannot slip from him any way. He was looking at me arrogantly like I am some royal slave for his highness.

He smirked at me evilly and was so close to me that there is not even an inch of space between us. Yet he is not touching me anywhere. His eyes held arrogance, rage, disgust and a little tiny-winy bit of interest. He then puffed out smoke on my face and left the elevator when we reached sixtieth floor.

I was petrified. Terrified of his behavior and mostly terrified of evil promises which are clearly showing in his eyes.

And boy, I'm so scared now.

I coughed a lot and before I get myself into another encounter with him, I went to my floor to wait for the CEO.

Hope he did not arrive yet.

Leonardo Point of view

That little girl clearly knows to get on someone's nerves. She thinks that she can teach me. Me! I am Leonardo Bianchi for goodness sake. I am the Bianchi and I don't take some roadside beggar's little piece of advices.

'And yet you threw the cigarette after you exited the elevator?' My conscious mocked me and dio mio it can never be on same side as its owner.

I went to my cabin and asked the team-head Mr. Davis to prepare for meeting quickly. I called my temporary secretary and asked her to find why that little girl is doing here in a company rather than playing 'tree-tree' in school.

'She's too young' I thought smirking at myself thinking about her scared expression while I left the elevator.

And surprisingly, I don't know why, I both loved and hated that expression.

Just in five minutes, my secretary told me about her.

Ah! So her name is Sienna Miller! She's 20 and doing internship here from seven months. She got scholarship and topped her school and university.

'She's too young' I thought smirking at myself thinking about her scared expression while I left the elevator.

But the most intriguing part is, her address. She just mentioned the area she's living in but there is no specific address written there.

I kept the document in the drawer and went to the most interestingly awaited meeting.

When I entered the room, I saw the whole team of ten standing straight in attention and greeted me with a low good morning. I looked over to the best team in my company and there she is, 'Ms Eco-friendly Lilliput'. Lilliput is because she is too short for a twenty year girl.

I sat at the head of the table and nodded at everyone to take their seats. Davis st

arted giving interior designs catalogue he made with his team for my new resorts and malls in the island. I listened to everyone and I satisfied with the results they provided. They have done a good job giving my island a new, fresh and classy look.

Everyone talked, everyone discussed, and everyone put forth their ideas about colors, themes, furniture etc., except for one.


She bent her head low and was fiddling with her pen occasionally writing something on her notepad.

Ah ha! So Lilliput doesn't speak at needed time!

Throughout the meeting, I observed her trying to hide behind the bulky man she's sitting next to or slide down so that the table can cover her from me.

And it did work because she's so petite that the large wooden table did cover her completely making me wonder if she's there or not.

"Ms. Miller?" I called loudly and made sure my tone is as cold as it ever can and saw her froze in her seat hearing me call her.

Due to the sudden call from me, her body jerked and she lifted her left hand up and replied with an "yes sir" like she is giving her attendance in school.

I looked at her coldly "why am I paying you Ms. Miller?"

She looked at me confused yet scared.

"I'm paying you to work Ms Miller. Not to dream about you private night-life with your flings. Now that I have you esteem attention,. I know you can only dirt to the well-established plan but still Please do us a favor and do the work I am paying for"

"I-This―it is―" She started stuttering but I cut her with my order.

"Now speak!" I bellowed making her flinch and take deep breath to control herself from running out of this room.

"You are opening a tour spot for couples, but not only the climate there, other elements to matter for them." She looked at me from her lashes and waited for me to say something. When I didn't, she continued "E-even after going to a special place there, there is nothing special there. There is the same Prada, Gucci, Victoria secret etc., nothing that makes them visit the place. Just to roam around such place, they can do that here also. So, I-I my idea is to have local articraft products by tribal and villagers there. It gives a leisure scrolling point to couples and enjoys beautiful hand-made products which they cannot get anywhere. Next is, it would be good if the island is full of greenery and eco-friendly. The food there should be natural and hygienic. If the place has the same smoke and same pollution here too, then it would be no different than a metropolitan city. So horses, camels, chariots, bicycles, water cycles would be an awesome mode of transport. It can attract both couples and families to enjoy. In short, people who visit there should be one with nature and should never think of leaving such a heaven. whatever they see or touch should be a nature and only nature." She completed with a strained voice like she would cry any moment. she held confidence but it is overpowered by strained shaky voice.

Hmm it's a fabulous idea to work on and have unlimited profits out of it. Moreover Eco-friendly is cheap with huge loads of cash in return and seems like it is a trend nowadays to get away from busy buzzing life and heave a good fresh air.

Her idea was actually so good. It was a great idea to make a top visit spots, but I cannot tell her that. I looked at her and she looked at me with hurt and humiliation painted on her face and I know that she's close to tears but that's what I'm aiming for.

To make her humiliated and hurt.

And since she's such a brainy Lilliput, I exactly know what to do with her and have fun out of it.

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