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Leonardo Point of view

"Please―go slow. Slow down." The girl under me begged when I was taking her too rough than she can handle. But I don't care. I like it rough and it heightens my desire when these dirty pieces of shits cry and beg me.

It gives me a kind of satisfaction.

Male satisfaction.

After long hours of rough passionate pleasure, I cleaned myself and called the security area of my mansion and asked Paul, my right hand, to come to my room.

Paul is one of my most trusted men and he does all the underground work for me. It may be anything, kidnapping or threatening or even killing, he is the best. He does his work just to the point. Not more, not less.

I'm not a Mafia but I love to pull out the weeds in my way. It makes me feel powerful. It makes me powerful.

Ruling over the vast Empire of different sectors of business, you cannot have a legal way here. You need to be a little twisted and shrewd. You need to be dangerous to fight you fears and inflict fear in others. You need to be arrogant and ruthless to maintain your decorum to yourself, with your business colleagues, rivals and with your employees too.

And I'm that person. Twisted, ruthless, a devil with his own hell of punishments.

"Sir, you called for me?" Paul entered the room and folded his palms in respect. I looked at his ready-for-action stance and smiled to myself at how he can be so good at his work.

I looked over to the bed where I was wild minutes ago and found the girl sleeping peacefully on it but I can still see the creases of pain on her face.

"Throw that tramp out and give me the details about the land dealing." I said pointing my finger towards the girl.

He looked at me for a second and called a bodyguard to take her away from there. Since I already had the pleasure I want, I don't care where he throws her. I have a lot of thinking in my plate so I cannot worry about such petty issues.

Once, that tramp is out, Paul started detailing about the land I'm trying to acquire from almost three months. It was my new project of building a chain of malls around the area and I also acquired the land from others except from an old man, who is not ready to sell it.

"Sir, he is still not ready to sell. He's saying that the land is for her daughter and it's the only asset he has to give to her. So he doesn't want to sell it to anyone and threatened us to go to police if we try to persuade him again."

Argh! Family!

"Fine, kidnap that daughter and threaten him to sign. Once he signs, release her and make sure they don't talk about what happened to anyone. Don't hurt his daughter as long as she behaves well." I said dressing up for the meeting I have in one of my companies.

Interior Designers Inc., I ha

ve a beautiful island where you can experience the pleasant autumn throughout the year. So, I had this idea of making a business out of it and planned it to use as a honeymoon spot for couples. The construction is almost done and once the interiors are done, I can proceed further.

And so, I have a meeting with the best team of interiors in my company to have it designed.

"Excuse me sir―" I was brought out of my reverie when I heard a small, soft voice that suddenly sent shivers throughout my body.

There stood a young girl, maybe in late teens or twenty, talking to my driver. She looked no special but, somehow I found her special. I don't know why but I found her special.

"You need to off the engine while in traffic or the car is at a stop sir. We cannot deprive our future generations with gas/petrol/diesel right? Please do off the engine next time sir. It also prevents some of the pollution too." she said in a small tone probably not wanting to offend him.

I stopped admiring her when I heard what she said. Rage took over me and fisted my palm to control myself from lashing out on her.

What the Hell!

How dare she is to advice my driver?

What does she think of herself? A Mother Teresa, to worry about mankind and nature?

I rolled my window just few inches to tell her place but stopped suddenly when I looked in to her innocent pained eyes which has fear in them.

Fear for me!

She shivered seeing my rage filled eyes and scurried away bowing her head lightly.

I am not going to take shits like this again. If I see her again, I'll make sure to show her place.

I came out of the car and headed to my private elevator lightening a cigarette to control my anger for that puny girl.

She was just a little girl and here she comes to advice me.

I scoffed evilly planning the punishments for her if I meet the second time. It would be so fun to show her- her place and make her cry.

Ah! That would be so fun.

'Why are waiting to meet her again? Are you sure it is to teach her a lesson?' My conscious mocked me making me scowl.

I am undoubtedly looking forwards to punish her that's it.

Yes, That's it.

I told myself and entered the elevator. Just as the doors of the elevator are closing, a hand stopped them from closing and a short figure entered heaving and taking heavy breaths.

I looked at her murderously for entering my private elevator which is only for me to use.

"Smoking is injurious to health and can cause lung problems. Smoking in the closed are like elevators is really dangerous sir." She said looking up at me innocently, knocking the air out of me.

She is that girl.

The same girl from traffic who advised my driver.

The same girl I was waiting to punish.

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