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   Chapter 72 Special Chapter - Yellow Bikini Part Two

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Aurora didn't answer anymore knowing that Cirrus wasn't waiting for one, but she did allow herself to be gracefully pulled with his hand clasped tightly on hers towards who-knows-where.

They trekked towards a secluded area of the beach silently. This place was devoid of any visitors as it had a treacherous rocky terrain; however, Cirrus guided Aurora here effortlessly with not so much as a scratch on her skin from the sharp rocks under her sandalled feet.

If he was controlling his temper now, he was doing it well for Aurora couldn't see any hint of it on his face as oppose to the earlier hassle they had with the bold men.

Cirrus stopped abruptly from his tracks, arranging himself and his woman in a small area floored with sand, hidden behind a wall of rock. A few feet away from them was the shoreline.

The calm waves of the sea water didn't affect her disorganized heartbeat. She knew he will berate her with the skimpy bathing suit she wore. She actually expected to hear it seconds from now, but she was left dumbfounded when he suddenly pulled her close to him and dipped his head into her cleavage.

Aurora then felt a sucking motion; his wet tongue making a swirling action against her skin and a pricking sensation thereafter with his teeth.

She was definitely acquainted with this kind of activity basing on their many previous engagements. Cirrus was making a kiss mark again and this time, it was right above her left breast, just near her cleavage. He actually picked a location that was too clear to see in public.

"I knew that Collete will make you wear such a sexy bathing suit, Love, but through this, men will think twice before they attempt to approach you, " he stated with a wide grin on his face once he withdrew.

Really now. That's his main reason? Or is there another one?

Aurora's mouth fell open. She bent her head and saw a pretty large angry kiss mark on the flesh of her breast. Now this would surely capture anyone's attention.

"Oh God! I can't believe you Cirrus! Now, I have to wear a tank top to cover this!" Aurora bombarded, shooting him a cold glare.

"By all means, please. I want you to, " he countered with yet again another wide grin plastered on his face.

Now there's the second reason why he bestowed a kiss mark on her.

"You can just tell me to wear a t-shirt or something to cover my body. Sheesh, you really are hopeless, you jealous demon." She nudged a palm on his chest and frowned at him. It was just brief though. She couldn't stay angry with him for a long time knowing that this unbelievable things he did was just his way of showing how much he love her.

"I wouldn't even debate on that, " he answered and then cupped her chin and intruded on her firmly-pressed lips.

She had a small taste of saltiness on his lips when she allowed him access inside her mouth. She wasn't bothered by it though. Heck, she wasn't even bothered when the coppery taste of blood seasoned their second kiss back in the orphanage house.

When Cirrus withdrew after some time, he then asked her, whist hooking an arm on her waist, "Care for a swim Love? You will find it really enjoyable."

"Of course, I would love to, " she answered with an excited smile.

Being with a demon that could control air and water altogether was an

where he decided to spend the rest of his evening, accompanied by the eldest son of Sir Brent, a teenager like Marcus of about fourteen years of age. Cards, X-box, computer games, board games, etc. were available in there. A mini movie theater was accessible too. Residing inside the Archbishop Palace as a sacristan for many years, Marcus didn't have a chance to try these teenage recreations, so he was definitely excited as much as his companion was.




Although having children of their own was a plan still under development, the act of making love came sooner after dinner. Up in the eighth floor of the hotel, Aurora's sole stunning bedroom was the only audience of their released pent-up passion.

With every touch, Aurora was delivered in sweet cloudy bliss. They had spent almost every night together, sating each others desires, yet she still feel as if it was their first. Cirrus definitely made her feel like a saint worthy to be revered, touched, and caressed in every delicious inch of her skin. This was just his long-minutes of exploratory titillation, yet Aurora was already standing in heaven's gate.

"It's because of your yellow bikini that's why I'm like this, " Cirrus started after their love making, "it turned me on the moment I saw you wear it."

Aurora gave him a surprised look, but she wasn't able to hold back a giggle after that.

"Maybe I should refrain from wearing any similar swimsuits then." She took a wide pillow from her head and cuddled it close to her body.

"No, Love, you most definitely will not refrain from wearing it, " he stated with an impish grin, "and also, I will not prohibit you to wear turtleneck dresses too."

Of course. The reason why he prohibited her to wear such a design during that time was because it will remind him of his desire for her. But right now, it was different. Way different. He can freely shower her with all of him anytime, anywhere.

In a quick second, the pillow that covered her nakedness was gone, and then he replaced the absent space with his own warm body. He was on top her now and seized her lips passionately. He was after all going to fill her in once again...

Damn that yellow bikini.

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