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   Chapter 71 Special Chapter - Yellow Bikini

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So as promised, Aurora and Cirrus visited the Clave Estate again. Marcus was with them this time since he wasn't able to join in their first travel.

The trio rode the Traugott Mercedes Benz with Mr. Darrell driving them. Cirrus sat in the backseat next to the silent Aurora, while Marcus was in the front. This was an expected change of seating arrangement the exorcist apprentice had already understood quite well. It didn't bother him though for he understood that the two lovers wanted to be close together.

It was planned that they were to stay for four days in the Clave Estate, so they had brought a few baggage with them. Cirrus now wore a common clothing of black jeans, a button up maroon shirt with sleeves rolled and a black trench coat, while Aurora wore a body-hugging cream dress; her hair untied to cover the neck mark sensibly. Marcus wanted to wear light clothing, so he chose his cardigan pants and a white shirt.

During their four-hour travel, Aurora fell asleep so there was nothing Cirrus could do but to hook an arm around her and pillow her head with his shoulder. Marcus too drifted from time to time, using the frame of the car window to rest his weary head. While Cirrus, in his usual silent way, glanced at the scenery outside, content of having the woman he loves by his side.

When they finally reached the City of Adelheid and passed by the private road of the Clave Estate, Marcus couldn't contain himself anymore. He went on to stare at the view outside with his mouth open. It continued on like that until their car stopped in front of the mansion's walkway.

"Wow Big Sis! This mansion is as huge as your ancestral house in Casmara!" he exclaimed, wide eyed, looking at the structure through the front car window.

He noticed four kids lining up together outside of the front portico. One adult man accompanied by his wife stood near them. There was also another older man and a young beautiful woman standing side by side with them.

"Yes, Marcus, it is!" said Aurora with an excited smile. "There they are, Marcus! My relatives. My real dear family."

She eyed the happy group through the window and waved a hand in return as Collete waved in welcome first.

As soon as Aurora disembarked from the car, she was greeted with a warm hug from Collete.

"Oh Big Sis! I'm glad that you get to visit us once again!" Collete exclaimed. She was ecstatic of course, and Duke Heilwig too who immediately called the chef of the family to whip up a huge feast.

"I did promise you I will, right?" Aurora stated warmly. She was definitely glad that Cirrus allowed her to visit them again after a week had gone by after he returned from the demon realm.

"Oh! This is great! So then we can go to the famous beach after all!" she squealed delightfully.

Duke Heilwig appeared in Collete's side with open arms.

"My, my. Come my dear! Let me take a good look at you!" he stated, catching her shoulders. "Oh, goodness me. It seems you still have that demon mark I see."

The Duke clearly showed a bit of disappointment, but Cirrus only patted his back and gave him a knowing nod.

"We'll explain everything to you later, Duke Heilwig. That's if you want to hear it, " he said with ease.

The old man cleared his throat and then replied, "Well, of course. Later it is then. In the meantime, I want you to meet my eldest son, Brent Allan and his lovely wife, Julietta."

The couple smiled in Aurora's way. The first one who extended an arm was Brent, then his wife.

"Pleased to meet both of you, " Aurora said, "I see that the house is livelier now because of your return."

"It is! Especially with the outbursts of our children, " Brent replied, looking at her wife lovingly.

"This is also Father Azrael, the Clave family priest and Aurora's personal guardian, " stated Duke Heilwig to the two.

Cirrus nodded on their way. The couple showed better welcome with him through another handshake.

"Pleased to meet you Father Azrael. My father here has told me a lot about you and your popularity."

With Brent's remark, Aurora quickly hid a laugh.

"It's good to meet you too, " replied Cirrus, mentally noting the word popular. "Then I guess introductions are not needed anymore. I hope my popularity is a positive thing, " he said with a joking tone.

"And how about this young lad over here?" Duke Heilwig interrupted.

"Oh! This is Marcus, Uncle, " Aurora replied, hooking an arm around Marcus' shoulder. "He is my family in the orphanage house, and right now, he is training to be an exorcist priest."

Marcus bowed in front of them and stated, "I am happy to finally meet my Big Sis' real family."

"Such a fine young lad you are, boy. It's good that you are following the footsteps of our dear Father Azrael here!" Duke Heilwig exclaimed, regarding the sacristan with kindness.

"Well then, how about we all come inside? We have a lot of c

t coming out of the dressing room a couple of meters away from him. His lips produced a smirk when he regarded Aurora's light yellow two-piece swimsuit perfectly hugging her curves. She looked like a sea goddess wearing it and the sight would have brought him drowning in the depths of the sea if not for an immediate bothersome setback.

From behind, a tanned man with dreadlock hair suddenly appeared and grabbed Aurora and Collete's bare shoulders. Another burly Caucasian man trailed from Collete's side and eyed her hot pink skimpy bikini with lust. The two women looked uncomfortable with the sudden nuisance and both of them even shoved away in unison the tanned man's hands from their shoulders.

Cirrus' eyes twitched in anger. How dare they ogle at her woman. His hands turned into a tight fist, his temper rising in a split second.

The hell they.

A sudden flash of a powerful lightning then appeared right above the men's heads and it brought them jerking their hands away from the ladies.

A lightning in the middle of a torrid day? Now that's a weird phenomenon.

Their attention was focused in the sky and even the other beach goers too, so by the time the two men glanced back at Aurora and Collete, they didn't even notice that a certain fuming man was already standing in their midst.

Aurora gasped in surprise and so did her cousin. The tanned man who had his hand earlier in Aurora's shoulder immediately felt different; like ropes were tightly bound around his chest, feeling as if he couldn't properly breathe. The other man was stunned silent. He could see the murderous look in Cirrus' eyes when he took his sun glasses off and shot a glare towards his way. Collete unconsciously leaned away from Aurora feeling a different aura surrounding the exorcist priest too. She actually felt intimidated and afraid by the way he stood in their front.

Cirrus stepped closer to the tanned man who by now had a continuous stream of sweat from his temple down to his neck. He leaned forward, placed a hand on the man's shoulder and whispered something so low, Aurora almost couldn't hear it.

"She's mine, boy."

Her cheeks immediately blushed as she heard it, but it wasn't the same for the tanned man. He actually turned ashen, feeling a hot, grilling sensation in his shoulder from Cirrus' hand contact.

"Lay a finger on her again and I will burn you down, " Death threatened. The man gulped a good amount of saliva from his mouth believing every inch of his word released. He knew that this mysterious man's threat was literal judging from the incinerating contact of his hand.

"Ye—yes—yes man! Ssssoo—sorry! I—I will go on my way!" he squawked and felt himself wet his pants. He eyed his friend who was still mute and shouted, "Com'n on dude! Let's go!" and skittered away from them.

A couple of seconds later, Collete butted in.

"I—yyyeee should go too. The children are waiting for me, " she stuttered, feeling the tension now sizzling between the two.

"I will follow you later, " said Aurora with a forced smile. She watched as her cousin ran towards her brother and her sister-in-law, but then her attention was quickly diverted when she heard a sharp puff of air, followed by Death's stern order.

"Aurora, come."

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