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   Chapter 70 Special Chapter - First Night in the Traugott Mansion

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One hour. Two hours. Three hours had passed.

The main door of Aurora's room didn't open. It stayed as still as was expected of an inanimate object, but it seemed someone had actually entered her room.

Next to a vanity mirror, Cirrus stood quietly. He stared at her unblinking, watching her get lost in the realm of sleep. This maybe her first time sleeping in the Traugott Residence, but owing to a tiresome flight, he knew that she would have no difficulty adjusting.

He purposely chose this chamber for her for the reason that it was near his own man crib. It was so that he could protect her easily if something untoward happens. But that was just the second reason however. The main one was for her to be near him— just near him.

What a lovely night it was, with stars flooding the dark sky. The soft glow from the moon's rays reached Aurora's bed through the glass window she had left ajar. It was captivating. To Cirrus, it looked as if she was venerated by the moon itself.

His eyes glowed with red and cerulean, piecing together what it was in this woman that captured his attention so much. Why he seems to be drawn to her. Why his eyes always seems to look for her. Why he feels a more-than-necessary concern for her.

Damn it now, what was exactly wrong with him? There was certainly something that has been pulling him to her and he was damned sure it wasn't only just the demon mark.

He slightly shook his head in disbelief as he had finally made a resolution in his mind. Yes... All of these human feelings had started when he abruptly embraced her in the St. Claire High School, and heightened when he first kissed her out of his demon whim inside her room.

"What a bother..." he uttered softly when he finally admitted to himself that he was helpless against this captivating and disarming woman. His human emotions won over amidst his solid control.

Aurora was lying supine. Her shiny locks were taking in all of the pillow space. Her hands were neatly in place i

got himself into now? He released a long defeated sigh then.

Two things.

Difficult and easy.

This was going to be difficult in a sense that he was going to torment himself with this saintly control.

Easy, in a sense that, it was for his peace of mind. He knew that Aurora would feel awkward. With him being a priest, who knows how she would react when she finds out he loves her.

With his stolen kiss, his carefully erected barriers earlier this night had now finally tumbled down but...he didn't even damn care.




An hour after, Aurora shifted in her bed again, turning her body to the left side, still sleepy, but without any cause, she flung her eyes open and blinked fast.

She sat up quickly, embracing a downy pillow against her chest and focused her eyes into the solo sofa chair beside her bed. She didn't bother to turn on the lights at all, feeling not scared of the dark even though she knew of the fact that demons were out to hunt her. Call it courageous? Not really. She had been accustomed to it since she was in the orphanage house.

"Weird, I thought I saw—huh... maybe it was just a dream, " she muttered after making sure there was no one sitting on the sofa.

After a few couple of blinks and a deep breath, she laid back in the mattress and once again, drifted off to sleep.

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