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   Chapter 68 You And Me

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Archbishop Palace

Thirty Minutes Before



"God!" Marcus exclaimed, startled the moment he entered inside his bedroom. He just got back from his visit in the orphanage house, back from an argument with his big sis when he found the intruder in his room.

In his front, he saw Father Azrael sitting coolly with legs crossed in a wooden chair next to his small study table, eyes focused on him, his left hand on his lap, and his right elbow resting comfortably on the table.

"No, it's not God Marcus, it's me, " Cirrus replied, giving off an intimidating aura. He had just came out fresh from Hell, immediately teleporting into Marcus' room to secure back something that belonged to him. All of his wounds were already healed, except for the diagonal cut wound in his right cheek which was still in the process of self-healing, giving off a smoke comparable to a lighted matchstick.

Marcus was indeed amazed by his presence as he was still getting used to the priest's unpredictable appearances. He stepped forward inside the room and consciously closed the door.

"Father Azrael! Wha—what the. You're here! You're finally here!" he shouted, happiness beginning to fill inside him. Happiness, not for himself and not for his training, but for the welfare of Aurora.

"How was everything when I was away boy?" the exorcist priest asked. He watched Marcus' expression turned gloomy then as he sat on the foot of his solo bed.

"Oh, that's a tough question Father, " Marcus replied, averting his gaze to anywhere but him.

Cirrus sensed something off immediately, but he already expected that.

"How is she?" he reiterated his words.

Marcus wetted his dry throat and started nervously, "Father, big sis—big sis is planning to be a nun, and it seems her mind is set on it because she doesn't remember you. She has forgotten all about you!" He cast a glance towards Cirrus with which he saw a blank expression.

"I know, I already expected that to happen, " Cirrus answered in a calm tone. "That's why I intentionally left the pectoral cross in my room for you to find."

Marcus raised a brow. "Huh? What do you mean Father?"

"I have placed a spell on it using Mrs. Sellie's enchantment book back in the ancestral house Marcus. This is so to protect both of you while I am away, and so that Aurora's memory loss wouldn't worsen, " Cirrus expounded, thinking with a regretful heart about what he did to her back when he was overly jealous of Khronus. He did promise himself that he will face the consequence of it. Good thing that he had come across the black enchantment book of the governess and used a casting spell from it to lessen the deterioration of Aurora's memory.

He raised his hand, open palmed and said with a stern voice, "Give me the necklace."

Marcus stood and in haste rummaged his wardrobe cabinet. Inside it, he found what Father Azrael was asking for - the pectoral cross.

"I will make her remember me through this, " Cirrus stated as soon as the necklace was in his hand. "However, if she doesn't..." a hint of bitterness was evident in his eyes briefly, "I don't mind making her fall in love with me all over again."

Marcus' cheeks blushed. Never had he thought that the depth of Father Azrael's love for his big sis was this much and never had he known that a demon would actually learn how to love.

"Then please go to her now Father!" he shouted in desperation after remembering what Aurora said back in the pantry. "She needs you now!" he added with great care.

"Don't think that that's not my plan Marcus."

Cirrus stood up and before he disappeared in his front, he stated with an appreciative smile, "Thank you, for taking care of her."







Was Aurora enlightened inside the confession booth?


Indeed she was enlightened.

What more could she ask for? This mad exorcist priest had turned her world upside down and showered her with so much. More than a penitent could ask for; more than a mere human can hold.

"What took you so long down there?" Aurora asked tracing the outline of his jaw and inhaled his perpetual scent that she loved so much. The incense inside the church didn't even compare to it.

Cirrus shoved her gently inside the booth and clos

Cirrus didn't mention it to her anymore, "is finally dead. With that in mind, its power is looking for a worthy vessel, and it believes that you are one, " he stated, a twinkle of pleasure was in his eyes.

He couldn't forget how he had survived the severe explosion that Khronus had produced in Hell though. He was so certain that it would also erase him, but luckily, he was able to use the key to teleport himself out of the blast radius.

Yes. He would have delivered a final current in Khronus' lifeless body after the smoke and dust settled, but some freak miracle appeared to plead for mercy. It was the spirit of Selene, holding him in her bosom, asking to bring him herself in Heaven to face the judgement of God.

"How—how about you though? You should be its guardian, not me!" she complained.

Cirrus' attention returned to her. He released a long sigh and stated, "I refused it Love. I don't need its power when I have so much already. And besides, you are worthier than me." He traced a finger in her arm and then took the mirror from her hand. He was beginning to feel the mirror was eating too much of her attention.

"You won't be bothered by a mark in your neck again right?" he asked, throwing the mirror in a nearby settee.

Aurora hesitated to answer. She pondered on it for a minute and Cirrus was thoughtful enough to give her time.

"No, I am not, " she said then. "It is just—it is too unbelievable for me." She traced the mark and felt its edges protruding against her fingers exactly the same as before.

"Love, believe it, " he stated, then pushed her back to lie in bed and placed an arm again in her flat belly. This made Aurora smile in response.

"I see that you're pleased, " she said.

"I am, " Cirrus answered and that was with a wide grin. "Especially when I know I get to spend a thousand years with you."

Aurora's brows furrowed. "Wh—what are you meaning to say?" she clarified, stunned by his statement.

Cirrus went on to cup her chin and traced feather-light kisses on her jaw.

"You're not a half-demon, but with your ancestral bloodline and the power of the key, you are not just a normal human anymore."

Aurora's mouth gaped open. "So you mean to say?"

"Yes, " was Cirrus' satisfied answer.

"Oh my God." Aurora went on to cover her mouth.

Yes. There were a few tears that trickled from her eyes then but they were tears of joy.

"Love, a lifetime with you is never enough for me. I did say that I want you by my side forever, " Cirrus stated looking at her eyes with deep, deep affection.

"Yes." She nodded in haste. Her soul jumping like it was the luckiest breath of life ever made. "A thousand years sounds good if I'm with you Cirrus."

He grinned. "Your heart, body and soul — all of you — are bound to me forever."







~ The End ~

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