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   Chapter 67 Would It Be A Sin

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One month, one week and two days.

That's the length of time that had passed ever since the demon mark disappeared in Aurora's neck; ever since Cirrus and Heron returned to Hell.

During that time, she stayed in the orphanage house, doing her usual routine of helping the nuns take care of the children, but minus working in a part-time job. She kept herself mostly inside the house, in the staff room particularly, where the top bed somehow gave her a sense of privacy... gave her a bit of solace.

The nuns understood the situation she was in. Although they were thoroughly worried, there was nothing they could do except to hope and pray that Father Azrael would return and help her regain the lost memories.

This was truly a devastating consequence of the demon mark's disappearance — well, at least that's what they knew, most especially to Bishop Elliot who had certainly expected that the famous exorcist priest would be able to fix the demon mark problem of Aurora without any complications. Either way, this had happened. What other things are they to do than to just go on with their day to day lives? At least the demon possessions are solved. At last, there wouldn't be any victims in the orphanage house and in the City of Soren.

Aurora was in the pantry making a vegetable salad when Marcus visited her. It was nine o'clock in the morning; the only time that he can go outside the Palace as there wasn't a mass held in that particular time.

"You are seriously planning to become a nun big sis?!" Marcus asked; the tone of his voice rose in disbelief.

Aurora watched him stand from the high stool, touching not a slice of apple offered to him when he arrived. Weird. He usually eagerly eats whatever food given to him.

"Yes, I am serious, " she answered pointblank, but with a hint of regret in the end.

"But why?" Marcus curled his hands into tight fists.

"Why are you asking me that Marcus? You knew already I would become one when you used to stay here, " Aurora replied with ease, wondering why he was not agreeable to it.

"But, Father Az—"

"Please..." Aurora abruptly cut him off, whisking continuously a mixture of sour cream, Bragg vinegar, sugar and pepper in a bowl. "Stop mentioning that name." She paused, staring at the mixture suddenly with hooded eyes. "Even if you tell me over and over again about our past, I still cannot remember who that priest is."

She spun around and took a bowl of lettuce in the countertop behind her. Then, she placed the garnish, the mixture and the Thousand Island dressing on top as the last ingredient all the while the boy had his brows twitching.

"But, big sis." Marcus started, but Aurora acted as if she wasn't paying attention to him.

He closed his eyes and released a deep breath. "Please, just hear me out, " he requested, feeling slowly vexed by her stubbornness.

Aurora paused, turned to face him and crossed her arms. She was all ears now, but Marcus knew it was only for a short while.

"He loves—Father Azrael loves you, " he croaked the words finally. Never had he got the right opportunity to say those words to her for a month, only until now.

Aurora raised her brows immediately. "You are just kidding right? You know priests don't say those kinds of words, " she stated, suddenly feeling irritated with him.

"I'm not kidding with you big sis!" he retorted, frustration clear in his eyes. He stepped away from the table, not planning to stay any longer inside the pantry. Before he left however, he gave her a parting glower. "You better think of it thoroughly big sis. I assure you, you are making a grave mistake deciding to go inside the convent!"

It was the most reasonable advice Marcus could make.

Seeing the boy exit the room, she let out a long sigh and sat on a high stool opposite the recently-vacated one. Depression quickly entered her as she crossed her arms in the table and pressed her forehead into it.

"I have... I have actually thought about it Marcus, and this is the only answer I could come up..." she whispered sadly to herself.




After a few minutes had passed, a nun then peeked from the opening of the pantry. It was Sister Clarice and in her hands, bundles and bundles of newspapers were seen.

"Hey, my dear. Would you like to accompany me to St. Therese church? I need to deliver these bundles to Father Philippe there."

Aurora looked up and quickly produced a smile on her way. It was a good thing that she had dried her scanty tears

her though.

Cirrus! God! CIRRUS!!! She shouted in her thoughts again, saying his name like it was a blessing... the power of it was like an explosion of fireworks in the night sky — the strongest batch of it.

She wrapped her arms around her chest and felt her knees buckle. She sagged in the kneeler because of it, bending her head down feeling suddenly weak. This made her tears dribble down the green tile floor.

"I miss you... I miss you so much!!!" Her thoughts ran wildly.

Yes. Her heart is definitely breaking now. So much...

She caught sight of the priest shifting from his seat, and realized then that he was getting impatient. Such an impudent thing for her to make him wait.

"I'm sorry... I apologize for making you wait Father..." she quickly said as she tried to wipe her tears dry. She adjusted herself from kneeling properly once again and then heaved a great amount of air in her lungs.

"I—I just miss someone... Father... SO MUCH... and this feeling is breaking my heart." She pressed her hands into her chest, as if it would physically numb the pain.

So her feeling of yearning for Cirrus was the answer to the feeling of emptiness inside her.

"I honestly believe that maybe...maybe I should have gone to a counselor for an advice instead of a confession with you. But either way, Father, please...please tell me what to do."

Aurora glanced at the holes and waited for his answer. The welling of tears however blurred her vision again, so she wasn't able to clearly see the priest from the other side of the wall.

"Father?" she called again, wondering why he didn't answer.

Suddenly, her door flung open and then she saw in the opening the man that her heart had ever longed for.


But he was not smiling back at her. He looked as if he was displeased with her, having a frown heavily plastered on his face.

So much for a warm welcome, it seems.

"Aurora, " he whispered adoringly, but his eyes still hinted coldness. "Dammit... Go ahead. Be a nun. If you do, I will make sure to imprison you forever in my house!"

Aurora's mouth gaped open. Her heart jackhammered wildly. Her eyes widened some more.


She couldn't finish his divine name however, because he speedily lifted her up from kneeling, and brought his lips to hers in a needy fashion.

Cirrus devoured her mouth savagely, thrusting his tongue in her supple cavern. She whimpered. Yes, she whimpered, feeling the hotness of his kiss. Out of desperation, she clung to his neck tightly.

Could it be? Could this be real?!!! She felt like heaven had finally opened its gates only to her.

He pulled her closer, allowing not an inch to escape from him. He cupped her face and ran his thumbs in her cheeks to wipe her tears away.

When he withdrew, Aurora was already breathless.

Yes. These beautifully-cold cerulean eyes are real! She acknowledged loudly in her mind when their eyes met.

"I'm sorry for making you wait, " Cirrus stated apologetically.

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